No Sunday Lunch


One small li9nk to our Britishness here (that’s me, Dave and his brother Pete, is that wonderful Clare (my son’s mum) has always loved cooking and has prepared a traditional ‘British’ Sunday lunch most weekends. But, for 12 weeks, no more! She and her partner Karen, along with our partners in acrobatic crime Zach, Gary, Ethan and Jack, drove off in our camping bus at first light yesterday headed for Canada and an 11-week run in a variety show starting next Monday after rehearsals. Leo, Jaymee, Dave and I will join by air for a short period when school is out over Christmas, and we need to start practicing again ourselves.



Actually, over Christmas itself there will be no-one here at all, which is really weird. Ivo and Pete are going to Ivo’s sister Anneka for the short break. But this past weekend, Dane and Leon came over for some wrestling and fun, so our Sunday started with three matches – in private – with the promise of ‘LGF’ outcomes: unusually, since Dane is built a bit like this…


…Ivo got the better of him and reaped his reward vigorously, which is very unusual for Ivo as he is usually a very submissive ‘bottom’. I was also a loser (Pete) and Leon demolished Dave. Then we all shared around a bit until we realised that it was lunchtime and that our only remaining option was ‘Subway’. Ouch!


Just after we had filled our stomachs with very inappropriate stuff for alleged fitness freaks, and Ivo and Pete had left to go organise an extra session at the gymnastics center, we remembered that we had promised to go over to Cody’s and do a bit of balancing and stuff before getting a bit stretched and beaten to entertain some of his occasion slightly dubious visitors to his ‘basement of fun’. We made it through that – the ‘guests’ ere then left to Cody and Adge and the four of us took a swim as darkness was falling – which is quite fun.


…maybe not as fun as this, but you can’t have everything:


…and maybe we’re just a little too far ‘over the hill’ for that?

Anyway, an ‘everyday’ November Sunday for the remaining adults in the ‘coven’ in Oak Ridge, with the young ‘uns occupied in other ways and not under our feet.

By the way, should anyone be feeling sorry for us sans cook, we can cook ourselves… and we’re invited to Steve’s for Thanksgiving as a ‘reward’ for almost adopting his son – my Leo’s best mate!

Some more mates:




Those were all mates in the style of ‘Leo and Chris’ – partners in training and fitness. here’s a couple of mates in the (gay) style of me and Dave to finish for today – got to rush off now.


Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

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