They’re Growing Up


They start young, but my goodness, they grow up fast!


Today’s Gallery Theme, by the way, is ‘Speedos’

OK. Thanksgiving tomorrow and, in the absence of some of our household, Dave and I are invited round to Steve’s house with our kids. That’s Steve, father of my son’s best friend Chris and his older brother Billy. And I sense an announcement is likely.


Young Chris (14.9 yo) has had his sights on Dave’s daughter Jaymee for some time, but the feelings didn’t appear to be mutual despite their regularly training together in our cabin every morning before school hours, and despite them performing together over the summer along with my son Leo and his then squeeze Karla. But recently, we’ve noticed that Jaymee has been exchanging far more smiles with Chris than ever before, and we’re pretty certain that they have sufficient respect for each other’s fitness and performing skills that, added to whatever sexual attraction there is at that age (both Jaymee and Leo will be 15 in the first week of January), we reckon there’ll be an announcement that they regard themselves as a couple and will be partners at a High School dance before Christmas… if you can seriously be a couple at age just 15?


…wait: Dave and I made a gay couple at just 17, though… and it has lasted 17 years since… gosh, that’s 50% of my life…


Neither of our wonderful offspring are gay. And Leo had ‘lost’ his love when her family split and Karla (who he also admired for her acrobatic skills – they’re all into this stuff!) moved away to the west of the State with her Mom. But wait, she is going to spend increasing amounts of time with her Dad, who is still here, and will be here over Thanksgiving and – yes – they are going to meet…

Leo has been a changed boy since he found that out. I’ve felt so sorry for him, searching… rejecting… he’s so sporty, he could never yearn for a girl who wasn’t the same, that’s for sure. And there are plenty girls in his High School year who have lusted over both Chris and Leo, for sure!

So, what next, I wonder?


(Ah – Speedos make the perfect attire when it rains at the pool…)

Although Jaymee and Leo are unrelated they were born within four days of each other and grew up together in the same sporty household – running around naked together as tinies, getting into their gym-freak habits, which also involves few if any clothes in private, driving each other on and, especially in Leo’s case, being there for Jaymee, playing the brother-to-his-sister role. In fact, they think of each other as brother and sister, even though they are actually a potential match made in heaven… but Leo has never thought of Jaymee as anything but his sister, so that was never going to work out. What I am certain sure of is – if Leo wanted anyone to charm Jaymee, it would be his best friend Chris. And we were so worried about what Leo’s reaction might be, seeing his best friend reaching out to Jaymee when he had no potential partner of his own. Not for want of trying – he’s been off down to the acrobatic classes at the gym centre with his shirt off (as ever!) showing off his balance skills to all the girls there…

…but no, a real silver lining in the shape of Karla, at least for a few days. Could be an idyllic Thanksgiving…


Dave and I (and their absent Moms too, obviously – they’re appearing along with four of our best acrobatic mates in a show in Canada which opens tonight to capture the Thanksgiving weekend trade – I thought it was next week but we don’t get everything right here!) – we love our kids and of course wish them everything they wish themselves. But ‘just 15’ is a wee bit young for strong and lasting relationships outside of acrobatic work, so we shall just have to see…


Of course, Dave and I have never had the experience of falling head over heels for the opposite sex. We just got on with our boyish lives until the day we first saw each other – found that we had the same interests… the first touch, in a gym (naturally!)… and before we knew it, we knew it! I could never forget the evening when Dave said to me as only he could: ‘Tone – how did it take me so long to find you?’

cover-3-thumbcover2-thumbcover1-thumbAnd, you guessed – it’s all in here! Those first two books don’t have those titles for nothing. Clicking on the covers will lead you to more info and to the feel of a real paper book in your hand to read over the Christmas holidays. E-versions are also available if you search the obvious places.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, having a sunny Speedo day (which is just as well because it has gone damn cold here over the last few days)…





(That’s Nikita, a Russian model, by the way)







A sadly headless body next: but what a body!


Lastly – training with the cables in Speedos. Perfect for the poolside!



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1 Response to They’re Growing Up

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Your comment about whether 15 year olds could ever be serious brings to mind two interesting true stories. The first was told by the late, great columnist Mike Royko. He wrote for the the Chicago Today, Sun-Times and Tribune. When his first wife died, he revealed that they had met in kindergarten and never dated anyone else. The other story is from the old (ancient by some standards) U. S. TV show “You Bet Your Life”, running in the ’50s and ’60s. He had on one show a couple who were 21 and 22. The lady was the older one. They had been married since they were 14 and 15. They had 7 children at the time and were planning for 12. There was no word on whether they achieved their goal. By the way, I think they were from Oklahoma. They met in, and I presume, finished high school.

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