“This Must be Serious… Everyone’s Wearing a Shirt!”

…except the boys in today’s Gallery!


My title quote today comes from Chris’s Mom, who was kind enough to entertain the four of us (Dave and I, kids Jaymee and Leo) with her own family to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. I guess we did smarten up a bit, especially as we were expecting Chris and Jaymee to ‘announce’ that they were formally boy/girl friends. They did it, in a mumbling sort of fashion, and I’m please to say that Leo wasn’t put out at all, especially as his former ‘squeeze’ Karla arrives in town today and he’s already round at her dad’s house…


Anyway, it was good to slightly dress up, just for once, instead of slopping around our place barefoot and shirtless, which is the norm! That’s how you find us now – at a slight loose end because there are no coaching shifts today (back to normal tomorrow though) and we don’t particularly fancy trudging around the malls with thousands of other folks looking for so-called ‘Black Friday’ bargains, which are often more expensive than previous ‘sales’ discounts anyway! Jaymee… out somewhere with Chris! Ahem.


Not really outdoor weather, here, either, though slightly warmer than at our place in Wales, which today I here is under blue sunny sky but close to freezing (parents are there again). Miss it a bit, but costly to get there and the rental income when parents are not using it is useful to say the least.


We all missed training this morning, too – slept in late. Well, once in a while… and we can get stuck in again tomorrow:


…and he looks slightly less than enthusiastic, despite all the work he has obviously put in. That’s not an acrobat body, though!


So, a day off. Thinking about a new book, although I haven’t got a publisher for book 4 as yet. Totally different from my existing trilogy, though – and it ends in tears. both have lonely boys on different quests… On the positive side, book 4 is much shorter and everyone who has seen the draft likes it, so I must get my act together on it now. Too late for this Christmas, though – you’ll have to send these to your gay-friendly friends instead:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Please do consider it. You can find e-books in the usual places as well as the hard copies.


…wonder what’s bothering him…


…where as this happier guy has plenty to be proud of! Let’s have a happy wrestler next:


…and a boy who’s just plain wide:


A boy who’s happy to be wet, even if he did forget to take his jeans off in the shower…


Some like it muddy too…


…it may be a good way to cool off on a hot day, especially if you are a hippopotamus (vide Flanders and Swann), but that’s probably a bit extreme even for us!

We’ll just settle for a spell in the gym!



Here’s a built body to aim for, perhaps, if you’re just going for the ‘look’:


Some more success:



‘Slim’ is good, too, when everything is in proportion…


Finally, some mutual admiration:



…and that’s your inspiration to get in shape over the winter months! Hat’s and cut-offs not supplied…


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