Cheap Squirrel


‘Cheap Squirrel’… did that get your attention? It’s potentially more interesting than ‘Tony Cavanagh Blog’, for sure. In fact, it is a new UK website to direct you to cheap ‘Black Friday’ style offers, 365 days a year. But my point is that an unusual title certainly catches the eye – so, perhaps, ‘Loving the Boy, ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Against All Odds’ are becoming too boring to attract much attention these days. Judging from the meagre royalties, anyway. The trouble with published books is that you can’t change the titles or liven them up afterwards! Which may be why I have been so sluggish in preparing the final version of book 4 and to try and tempt a publisher – anyway, that is now in hand.

The first three books have not only plenty of tales of gay lads doing their favourite sport (us)(acrobatics) but circus adventures and misadventures too… and we continue those themes in every post here with the pictures:


Think of the blog as a ‘loss leader’ like a supermarket selling sugar below cost price in order to tempt the shoppers with more expensive exotica once they’re inside. And these loss leaders are completely free!


I forgot the ‘gym bunnie’ part of the game: that’s in here as well, of course…



Talking of abs – you surely are, after that last picture – Dave accuses me of having put on a little flab across the top of my abs and over the top of my hips. Thanksgiving excess? Problem is – with just a couple of day’s layoff from training, it is true – so goodness only knows what shape I will end up in when daily training loses its attractions! ‘Sleek’ and ‘slim’ (next two pictures) are perfect for acrobatics, but can it last in my case?



So there we are – and turkey protein is recommended for weight trainers to build muscle, not fat. Hmmm. Cut back on carbs, obviously!

To get back that ‘summer’ look…


…maybe a few sauna sessions are called for…


…that’s one bit of Russian culture I definitely approve of; sauna – plunge pool – birch twigs…

Ahem. Got to be sure I don’t get out of shape, or this could stop:


Which would be a bit tragic. Dave could get a cat instead – he’s always rabbiting on about getting a cat (if you see what I mean). And – miscellaneous fact – he has noticed that several followers of this blog have cat blogs. Can any of those followers – or anyone else for that matter, explain such a connection?

Anyway, we’re all away over Christmas, for a start, so a cat is out of the question even if the rest of the household would put up with it, which they wont. Bunnies – gym bunnies at least – well, that’s a different matter! Never tire of sharing a workout…


Another question: why do so many guys do their selfie progress updates in the toilet?


Sorry – bathroom. A small American sensitivity I still cannot get used to after 17 years. It’s a toilet, guys – there’s NO bath!! Like I nearly wrote ‘tyre’ just now instead of ‘tire’ – because I still cannot fathom why I have to get tires for the car – UK readers will understand…

I’m writing rubbish now – time to stop and round off with a couple more pictures.




That one I call ‘wow’…


A slimline Russian to end…


“No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post”…

Until now…




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1 Response to Cheap Squirrel

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I call it a restroom if it doesn’t have a bath or shower. “Comfort Station”, which refers to a roadside restroom where one made a “comfort stop”. was widely used in my memory into the 1960’s. “Comfort Stop” kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

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