Statistical Analysis Can Be Fun (No, Really!)


Hello Boys!

I open today’s offering with a rainbow of gymnasts and some clearly fit young men, which is what this blog is all about.

The turgid title (but you’re hooked, at least by the pictures, aren’t you!) relates to a little counter of ‘hits’ on this blog which I can see but you can’t. And one of the interesting things I notice is that I can tell when someone new stumbles across the blog and, intrigued by the pictures, scrolls back though ever-increasing numbers of posts to see more. Suddenly there is a vast number of ‘hits per hour’. It has happened twice today, possibly with people in two different time zones (parts of the world).


Great. So what attracts you the most? Is it just the generally fit bodies, like that guy? Or guys maybe using their achieved fitness to do Something you can’t but wish you could?



Maybe it is just seeing the gym training which can lead to that, or to the better body image?



Is it just guys getting together?



Sexuality irrelevant here, for the most part, fitness dudes. but if it is that frisson of gayness that excites you, well that’s here too in some of the images, and also in these classic works of gay love, adventure, acrobatic and circus adventures and a sinister undertone…

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumb…so, please, you serial image viewers, please take the time to click on the book covers as well! e-versions are available if you cannot tear yourselves away from your screens to read an actual book…

We occasionally get naked too…


…but in the best possible taste and, of course, to promote fitness and good development…


Here are a few more great physiques to analyse. Enjoy, and do please keep coming back!










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