Boy’s Bedrooms


The age of the selfie brings us many delights, and the most common location is the bathroom. often with a grubby mirror and an array of half-squeezed toothpaste tubes as an accompaniment.


The mirrors in a gym, of course, provide a particularly attractive opportunity to show off what you’ve built:


If not the gym itself, then certainly the locker room:



…well, he’s earned that sweat, for sure.

Selfies in bedroom mirrors seem to be much rarer – or maybe just less interesting so I didn’t collect many of them. But occasionally you get an interesting glimpse into the boy’s personal space. Here’s an example where we just get to see the bed, and a friend is obviously holding the phone this time:


Is he saying ‘Welcome to my world’ or is he effectively saying ‘Keep Out’?

Most often, you just get an intriguing glimpse:


Some seem scarily tidy, others, like the famous ‘Swimbabe’ here, kind of average!



Mostly, however, there are the piles of sweaty socks on the floor, clothes strewn all over the place, drawers half open… I’ll spare you that.

Which all brings me to the point. My son Leo’s bedroom – and also bedroom to his best mate Chris once or twice a week, so there’s quite a bit of his stuff there as well. It can look like this…


It’s a basement room with indirect natural lighting, approached down a flight of steps. If you have read earlier posts here (go on, try it!) you will know he is a fitness fanatic and acrobat. Not content with (i) school Phys Ed (ii) our training cabin (iii) access to the very well-equipped private gym as a special concession because of his age (nearly 15) and (iv) training  on the grass in the yard whenever weather permits, he has requested and had installed, a matted area between the end of his bed and the further wall big enough to wrestle his friends on, to practice his arm balancing (ceiling height precludes anything involving two people and nearly rules out his balance pedestals now as he is growing), a load of free weights including his prize kettlebells (last Christmas’s gift from Santa!)… much of this, except perhaps the mat, can be found in other teen rooms I’m sure, given the number of teen muscle bedroom shots out there…


What you might not expect to find is his other toy…


Yep, Leo’s part of the performance team (and Chris too!). Actually, to be fair, anyone can lie on a bed of nails (simple physics) so long as you go about it the right way… (you’ve seen this 8yo kid from London before):

Naturally, when working “professionally” (call it a profession???), things can be made somewhat more spectacular…



Anyway, Leo loves doing it with his mates and in our family shows, and has also made himself a nail ‘chair’ although he has yet to fit one in a car…


A word of warning here though. It is much easier to hurt yourself with a chair, as the nails in the back can drag across and pull on the skin as you settle into it. Don’t try that at home.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbAnd I’m not exactly sure what the law would say if you got pulled over!

So, with that rather indirect glimpse into my son’s eccentricities, I offer three more sources of sideshow/circus inspiration, coupled with our tale of finding gay love and getting into some tight spots. e-versions available and still time to order before Christmas. Just click on the covers.cover-3-thumb

Enough of the ‘pond life’ found in teenboy bedrooms!! Some boys seem to prefer to be photographed in their kitchens!


And there are novel ways of using the bathroom as background to show off in which do not involve cleaning the mirror…


And, if the weather where you are is still kind enough, use your yard space to go play!



Or, of course, just to show off in front of the camera!




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2 Responses to Boy’s Bedrooms

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Great entertainment! Now let’s talk about all those shower scenes naked backyard acrobatics with our friends!

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