Gearing Up

‘Christmas Comes but Once a Year

and When it Comes it Brings…’



OK,  a bit early for the Santa suits maybe, but Ian in southern England always seems to send me the perfect images at exactly the right moment…

Like that acrobatic family ‘doing’ their tree, Dave and I and the kids are frantically rehearsing ready for our short participation over Christmas and New Year in the show in Canada where six of our mates (including the kid’s mums) are already firmly in place ‘twice daily’ until the end of January. A lot of balancing and movements between balances to be perfected all round. In between, we have the Christmas displays at the gymnastics center, a little consultancy on the side fitting out a new gym in another small town, engaging (albeit in a very one-sided way) with three potential agents for my fourth book… not buying presents yet… all the usual (and in our case, maybe less usual) pre-Xmas stuff!


All of which fails to mention the continuing routine stuff, like teaching our four manic fitness freak boys aged all of 10, three times a week… plus normal elite and basic coaching of gymnastics…


So we’re definitely ‘gearing up’, as the post title suggests, but some of the gears aren’t meshing all that well! 30-hour days and eight-day weeks would certainly help. But them, I’m still finding time somehow to keep these posts going… well, I need to sell books, after all…

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbCome on, guys, get clicking, either here or on Amazon (especially if want e-versions) – the car just cost me $400 to stay on the road, and that’s quite a lot of book royalties for a start!

So, I devote the rest of the post to feeding the picture fiends, the topic being ‘Gearing Up’ one’s body to shape up for the tasks ahead (or to gain a bit on the forthcoming Christmas indulgence so that the New Year workouts don’t have to be quite so tough!).


On a not-unrelated matter, Leo is also frazzled as well. In my recent tour of his bedroom, I failed to mention the shrine. That’s a shrine to Karla, alongside all his own selection of fitness images (mainly him and his mates which, being under age, don’t find their way here yet). Karla, his not-long-lost acrobatic companion and ‘squeeze’, now coming back regularly at weekends to stay with her father and who will be back here at New Year when Leo is away in Canada. Oh, the agonies of the love-lorn! He loves performing as much as thinks he loves Karla, and he has many weekends to look forward to. In fact, she hates it so much out west with her mother that she is angling to come back to her father permanently and rejoin both the gymnastics center and her old school, which would see Leo in 7th Heaven. We’ll see…




Don’t have parallel bars to do your dip push-ups? Never mind – a couple of old concrete beams will do a treat…








Two of the same guy? Why not? Crunchies next!


I have a couple more of  that guy waiting: he’s obviously dedicated to what he does – and happy to train in his tightey whities, too!

Can you still get outdoors with your kettlebells?


“I wonder if I could manage another 45 lb?”


“Is it working?”


“It is for us!!”


“And definitely for us, too!”


Don’t let that darned ‘Winterval’ get in the way of training with your mates!!

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  1. Platinumboy says:

    Doesn’t everybody trim their tree like the family in the first photo?

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