Ready For The ‘Off’


Writing first of all from my son Leo’s perspective, a weekend with girlfriend Karla then, on Monday, jetting off to Canada for a Christmas of performances with the rest of our company – exile from Karla until Jan 2nd when we fly back – and then she disappears back to her mom after New Year with her dad to re-start school the same day. So he’s torn – he loves to perform with the rest of us, but he yearns for Karla – however, there is talk of at least many weekends here and a possible transfer back to live with her dad. Leo’s fingers are so crossed, he cannot straighten them!

Actually, he can – otherwise simple balancing like the above would be a serious problem!

So, show training pretty much over, but ‘normal’ weights (normal for us, anyway) will continue until we set off for the airport in Knoxville.

Heavy snow is forecast for Toronto tomorrow – the last time I flew there, they closed the airport shortly before we were due to land and I had an unexpected visit to Montreal instead. A bit of a change from here, although it’s been darned cold today here too, but a warm front is coming in now! It’s not for nothing that a lot of downtown Toronto is actually underground.


When we do get snow in TN, Leo and his mates get out there shirtless, keeping warm with plenty of physical exercise, which often includes wrestling!


This time he’ll be the only under-30 in the performance (apart from Jaymee who certainly does NOT enjoy getting cold in the snow) and anyway, we’ll be busy doing two shows a day throughout our stay (one on Christmas Day before a late dinner) with the rest of the crew who are already in the show. But if you see one of these in the Toronto area, ask it if its name is Leo!


And I think that we’ll leave the ice-hole swimming to the Russians…


…the rest of us really prefer to be sweating under the theatre lights!


…or after training…


Sorry that one is so dark.

cover1-thumbSo, there we are. A busy time ahead over the Christmas period, and posts may get a bit sporadic, but I’ll do my best. It is still not to late to order your Christmas reading, by the way, for any gay-friendly friends or people who are interested in how circus acrobats get their act together – and, indeed, on a number of things that can go spectacularly wrong… cover2-thumbcover-3-thumbclick on the covers for more information about the printed and e-versions!

The rest of today’s entertainment is a random collection of inspirational physiques, to encourage you not to eat too much over the forthcoming festivities period, and to get into the gym for some serious work afterwards!




Looks like there’s snow outside that pool, too!












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1 Response to Ready For The ‘Off’

  1. Platinumboy says:

    As long as a warm house is nearby, running around naked in the snow is fun!

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