cover1-thumbI am a ‘G‘ and so, obviously, is my partner and loved one, Dave. We are ‘gay’ because of what we are, not as a lifestyle choice, as some, especially homophobes, seem to think. For that reason, I suppose, we can think of ourselves as part of a ‘community’.

We have each fathered a strongly heterosexual child with an ‘L‘ (lesbian) mother, so I guess that knocks the theory held by some that homosexuality is either hereditary or contagious. Less obviously, the whole six of us live together as one household, shared with two other gay guys, one of whom happens to be Dave’s brother.

None of us gays or lesbians has ever felt confused about our sexuality, and certainly none of us ever ‘changed’ it!

cover2-thumbFor a while, now, we have lived alongside the general label ‘LGBT‘ which neatly places us outside the general heterosexual run of things along with lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. OK so far. Without at least the ‘G‘ and the ‘L‘ bit, these three books would never have been written. Finding gay love, sharing the love within a larger groups of committed and caring friends… that sort of thing. But ‘LGBT‘ is getting extended, and the press, generally heterosexual in orientation and rather impressed by silly campaigns, are rising to the bait and extending the expression in response to some rather peculiar student demands, especially in British universities. We’ve seen issues like Rhodes scholars trying to get rid of a statue of Rhodes on their university building, for a start! Mind you, it was a student from the former ‘colony’ of Rhodesia – but then he did accept the money!

cover-3-thumbOK. ‘Q‘ for ‘queer’ (OK, can understand that) or ‘questioning’ ones sexuality. Huh? Why not ‘U’ for undecided’, then? ‘I‘ is for ‘intersex’ – does that mean someone who is halfway through the process of changing sex before becoming a ‘T‘ransexual? Maybe ‘I‘ for ‘intermediate’ or ‘indeterminate’ would be more logical? ‘A‘ is for ‘asexual’ – but, wait: if you have no interest in any kind of sex, why would you want to be in this ‘club’ at all?

But we mustn’t exclude anyone, so lets add ‘+‘ so we include anything we haven’t thought of yet.

Does anyone else out there share the view that this is all becoming rather silly?

Trust me, anyone who dips into the books won’t find any of this politically correct nonsense. Just tales of us enjoying our gay lives, and our acrobatic lives, touring around the world and getting into a heap of trouble now and again! Clicking on the covers will lead to the publisher and more information – and searching on Amazon and elsewhere will find both print versions and e-books too. And by the way, you don’t need to be a ‘G‘ yourself to enjoy the read… but it would help if you are at least sympathetic to the 7% of us who prefer to find love with the same sex…







I’ve decided that henceforth I’m an ‘A‘ and a ‘W‘, two categories which pretty much cover what I do. Acrobat (and gym coach), and Writer. And no more positive discrimination!

And so to today’s collection of fitness inspiration. Thanks for sticking with it and getting past the rant first!














And, finally, perhaps the ultimate fit lad!! Your goal for, let’s say, Easter?




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2 Responses to LGBTQIA+ OMG!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    To my knowledge, the U. S. and Great Britain are the omly two nations making a big deal about this labeling nonsense. Throughout Europe and South America, etc., this issue doesn’t seem to be important. Sounds less stressful.

  2. ian williams says:

    All these labels…VERY silly indeed.Why does everyone need to be put in a box.? And by the way you left out H for homosexual (still the best word I think) and BL for boy lover plus several others which can be ignored just because it is all SO SILLY.Let’s just get on with our lives whatever we are. Have a great trip and please let’s see some pictures of Niagra .It would be very good to see some action shots of the gang doing their stuff,but I suppose that is out of the question…Such a pity. Merry Christmas! Ian.

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