Not Enough Hours…

‘Random’ Pictures Today


Gosh, this ‘professional’ show business stuff is real hard work! At least it is not so cold here near Toronto now, and Zach and Gary have joined us in the tour bus to help keep us warm at night! The kids were offered, and eagerly accepted, a small room in the house to share – they’ve grown up together since day 1 so they’re cool with sharing.

Having the guys ‘sleeping’ alongside us does reduce the actual sleeping time, of course, since we are all part of the cost ‘safe’ team who can share our gay desires – as, indeed, are Jack and Ethan who spend time with us in the bus before retiring to Jack’s old room in the house from when he was a teenager. That’s a squeeze, too – but then, they’re a pair…


So, it’s breakfast at eight for everyone, courtesy of Jack’s amazing parents who have supported us ever since the first days of touring (see Loving the Boy, The Power of Love and Against All Odds). Then each morning we head off – all ten of us – to a downtown gym where we have almost exclusive use for a couple of hours, and no-one argues when the shirts come off, although that’s as far as it goes!



That’s basically strength work, to keep us ‘hardened’ against the nails and glass. A quick light lunch and it’s off to the theatre: we get a session allowed on stage to warm up tumbling and for flexibility, and to try a few balances to get in the mood…


…but we need to be clear by about 1.30 to allow other acts to warm up, and the crew to set up for the opening show at 3pm.

After that, we’re in the theatre until the end of the second show, around 10pm – and all for about 40 minutes actual performance time in the two shows, plus appearances at the finale. Then head back to Jack’s home, where much-needed food is waiting – then it all begins again…


We are, of course, paying for our ‘keep’, but Jack’s family are being absolutely amazing. Still, they didn’t see him for nearly two years while he and Ethan toured Australia and New Zealand, so they’re just delighted to have him back – along with the rest of us.

No WiFi in the bus, and a high demand in the house when we’re there, so this is coming to you courtesy of the WiFi signal from a restaurant next to the theatre! Just off stage from our fist ‘set’ in the first half, and time for a drink and computer break. No time for more chat now – I’ll just bang on some more pictures and send it off. Meanwhile, Happy Christmas if I don’t get back to you before – we have just one show Christmas Day and – wowee!! – the evening is free time. For sleeping, probably!







Now there‘s a showman!








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