That’s My Boy (Girl)!


Dedication. That’s what it is all about. Wanting to achieve, wanting to be better…

Dave and I, standing at the back of the stage while our respective offspring Jaymee and Leo were performing their coordinated balance routine in the first part of the show. “That’s my girl!” mouths Dave to me, proudly. “And my boy!” I reply.

They’ve grown up with us constantly training – in the gym with us from Day 1, almost 15 years ago. Playing together naked as babies, pretending to do balances, growing, learning to do them properly, developing their bodies through our example (and their mums, of course, and our acrobatic partners too). Never mind all the gazing at screens and eating of burgers that their contemporaries do – they’ve worked amazingly hard to develop the strength and hard bodies they need to pull it off, and pull it off they do, every time. Because they want it, which is the key.

Is the time coming to hang up our briefs and leave it all to the next generation? Jaymee and Leo have competent partners in performance already – Karla and Chris – they’ve worked on three summer camps with us last summer, did amazingly… and, let’s face it, after more than 15 years doing this stuff, we are beginning to ‘creak’ a little bit here and there!

Whereas the teens and early twenties people – well:





cover1-thumbcover2-thumbJaymee and Leo are each the product of a gay man and a lesbian mum who got their act together just the once. The girls were desperate for a child and basically ‘chose’ Dave and I for reasons which I guide you to the books to find out. Suffice to say that the big night worked and, gosh, how proud we are. Of the kids, obviously. And of ourselves, for agreeing to do it – I cannot imagine life now without my son, and Dave is the same about Jaymee.

cover-3-thumbAnd yet, legally, we had the chance to walk away, never to see them… gosh, if we had done, our lives would be so empty. It really came home to me last night. Christmas night. Our whole company, except for the kids who are sharing a tiny room in Jack’s parent’s house, are sleeping in our tour bus whilst other members of Jack’s extensive family visit and take up all the other spare rooms. Last night I sensed that something was afoot, but couldn’t place it. Everyone seemed reluctant to go to their bunks – or even to each other’s bunks, given that we, the guys, are all gay and in a safe sharing ‘brotherhood’. So eventually, Dave and I climbed into ours, expecting a visit from Jack and Ethan.


But the hand that eventually slid over my chest and stomach was not Jack’s, but Clare’s. Leo’s Mom. She, and her partner Karen, Jaymee’s mom, who slid in alongside Dave, “Just want to remind you how much we love you for what you did!” Oddly, dspite being gay, Dave’s partner and all that, I do feel love for my ‘personal lesbian’ and, as she lay on top of me for a while with our hands caressing one another and her lips seeking a kiss, an overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me. For her asking me to be the dad in the first place, for the son she gave me, and for the love we have both bestowed on him (and he on us). Despite being a fire-breathing (literally!) body-burning body-piercing nail and glass-bed fakir, as a sideline to being our house ‘manager’ (we share the same home now, although that is relatively recent), Clare is a wonderful mom and a wonderful person. Both the girls had difficult backgrounds, especially with shit from their families after they met up and starting living together, and they deserve better, which hopefully they feel that they have. The kids each effectively have two dads and two moms, they understand their situation perfectly, as do their close friends, and they’re as hetero as it comes!!

So – special time over – the girls left us to do their own thing at the back of the bus and the other boys joined us…

…nuff said, but I’ve been feeling very sentimental and, when I watch Leo and Jaymee again in today’s shows, there may even be a tear. Probably from the ‘fearsome fakirs’ Clare and Karen as well!

After which, SHOWTIME for blog followers! FITNESS – the prime objective! Enjoy.

A little tender massage from a pair of Indian wrestlers, first!


Then just a wrestler, alone in his gym (Russian):


“I wanna check out your abs!”


“Never mind him! Check this out!”


“Or this!!


OK, enough captions! The rest can speak for themselves! Wait, what is this next guy actually doing with his hands?





Group hug, anyone, just to finish? I’m feeling that way today – must be the Christmas spirit!


And now, off to our pre-shows lunch! Bye till the next…




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