Another Day, Another (Canadian) Dollar…


Today’s Gallery Theme – ‘Enjoying What(ever it is) You Do’


8 more shows to go before Dave and I, Leo and Jaymee fly back to Knoxville and home ready for school re-start the next day. Of course, the other six of our colleagues stay on until the end of February, and the group’s “spots” reduce back to what they were before we arrived. Management seem very happy with our added contribution, though I do confess it is an odd way to have spent Christmas and, the dollars aside, I can think of better ways!


Have we enjoyed it? Well, Leo and Jaymee certainly enjoy their 20 minutes or so of fame per show, mostly with their duet on hand-balancing blocks, then Leo with his glass ‘coffin’ (that job goes back to Zach on Monday), followed by Jaymee participating with her mum and Clare in the fire department. Have Dave and I enjoyed it? Well, sort of pleased that we can still pull it off (especially our ‘hanging by teeth’ sequence) but, you know, the commitment and conditions are really a bit draining. Ethan and Jack thrive on it (a couple years younger than us), and Zach and Gary still seem happy. For Gary with his splits on the nails supporting Zach on his head in an arm balance, our presence meant that four guys could add spear bending to his discomfort, two on his chest and two on his back muscles. That’s difficult to continue after Monday because no-one except Jack and Ethan are available at that point, and you cannot balance the forces with just two. Good job we learned that Kung Fu element all those years ago (see the books, end of post!).



This next guy is certainly enjoying showing off his human flag to the audience of girls…


… whilst the next lad enjoys a moment of locker-room fame with his mates…


“Hey, my little wrestler brother loves his weights too…!”


“…and he’s proud of his chest development as well!” That’s not my brother, of course, I don’t have one.

These martial artists obviously enjoy doing their Thai Boxing naked… and the onlookers are set to enjoy the spectacle too:


More comparisons, now:


Enjoy the shower:


Savour the sweat:


A happy well-muscled swimmer:


“I like posing! Do you like my trail…?”


“I don’t have a trail – but my armpits are pretty neat!”


Six happy (sort-of) acrobatic beach boys:


Another happy lifter:


And finally for today, two guys happy in their (presumed) gay love:


The books, as mentioned earlier (e-versions available too), celebrate everything mentioned here and some adventure too:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And now, 10 minutes to go before showtime, the first of the eight we have left to do!

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2 Responses to Another Day, Another (Canadian) Dollar…

  1. Hugh says:

    Hi Tony,
    I think the unaired clue is a play on words for “air” which can mean tune, which can also be a strain. Hence unstrained could be unaired, but it’s not a great clue! Like you I’m stumped with the school one, but I’ll give it some thought!


    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thank goodness there’s someone with a brain out there! Thanks, Hugh – that all makes sense. These largely come from the online version of The London ‘Times’ – hence the possible British reference in the unsolved one. As an Brit in exile, The Times provides the only sane analysis of news we get in a place where anything outside Tennessee (and maybe Washington or NY, plus the activities of President Putin) is considered of no interest!

      Anyway, it’s all part of the game of providing something to go with the pictures!

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