Stopped in Our Tracks (And the Teaser Answers)


Today’s Gallery Theme – ‘Hanging Around’

That’s one of our acrobatic heroes – Ed Upcott – in  rather contrived location for ring work!

I meant to give you the answers to the non-crossword clues in the previous post, but we were rather knocked off our perch by a very pleasant surprise, and I forgot. But let me deal with the answers first:

  1. Lever in gym boy pulled up (5) PEDAL
  2.  Son gets on with everything except gym kit (4,4) WALL BARS
  3.  Undisclosed strain stops nude wrestling (7) UNAIRED (and we can’t see quite how you get the ‘air’ bit either)
  4.  Do exercises in school (5) NO IDEA – OVER TO YOU!! (Might be a reference to a British Private School, and I hope to find the answer soon)
  5.  A glass for the acrobat (7) TUMBLER
  6.  Exercise before second drink (5,2) PRESS UP
  7.  Just outside gym, in full view of everybody (6) OPENLY
  8.  Wrestling’s not finished – that’s the problem (3) SUM
  9.  Force prisoners to exercise (9) CONSTRAIN
  10.  Gym teacher taking public transport with hesitation (7) TRAINER

OK, let’s not hang about:


Could be our teen-boy pre-breakfast training group although, if it were, I should be rather unhappy that only the boy on the right has his feet and legs together, and even he is not stretching his feet. Powerful back muscle, though…

and our lot probably wouldn’t be wearing their wrestle pants either…


So, the surprise! When we first met Jack (see Loving the Boy), he was the ‘top’ in a competitive men’s four acrobatic group. The bases, Alain and Michel, a gay couple living at the time near Niagara Falls, because really good friends, as my books relate (e.g. The Power of Love). The fourth guy (straight), Ted, seems to have vanished without trace along with his girlfriend! However, Alain and Michel are still around and, of course, Jack has kept in touch. Knowing from Jack about the show, they surprised all of us by coming to the second house and then appearing backstage. Apart from Jack himself (and his partner Ethan when he has been here), none of us have seen them since about 2006, so you can imagine that we had a lot of catching up to do, involving ‘hanging around’ in a late-night bar…


(Just for once, I didn’t mean that kind of bar!!!)

…and missing the usual gym training the next morning!


It’s so easy to lose touch with people when you don’t make enough of an effort to keep in touch. They’ve more or less given up on acro now – one time, they joined us for a tour and it all went horribly pear-shaped (see Against All Odds), but that wasn’t the reason. They help to run a weights gym in a town about 35 miles from Toronto, where they now live (that sort of thing is kind of catching) but both have ‘proper’ jobs as well.


Their gym has a ‘street workout’ section for use in the better weather but, being Canada, that does not stretch to this time of year! So they, too, have stayed in real good shape.

So, a real treat for all. They invited us to their gym, of course, but that’s not really practical in this little time window Dave, I, and the kids have – but the others will probably get over there before the show finally ends in early February. But right now, we’re struggling to keep up with the ‘two shows a day and training’ schedule, and the four of us fly back to TN on Monday anyway.

Some more ‘hanging around’ now, for those who have the time:



(A puzzling location for hanging levers…)



(We’re not sure what it is about Russian boys, but they frequently appear in public for exercise or swimming in just their underwear – presumably this saves them money on Speedos? In this case, assuming that the clothing was necessary in the first place, this boy could maybe use a bit more ‘protection’!)


Another one from Chelyabinsk now:


(Training can be tough!)


(Nicely held back lever – feet should stretch more)


(OK, he’s only ready to hang, but close enough)


(That’s just decorative hanging of course, but nice…)





Just before I go for our usual pre-shows lunch, a quick reprise of those books – just in case (click on covers for more info and you can find them as e-books too…


Finally, here’s what a love of ring exercise can build for you! Be inspired, and look forward to building a better body for 2017!


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3 Responses to Stopped in Our Tracks (And the Teaser Answers)

  1. Hugh says:

    Hi Tony,
    Tried to comment previously but it doesn’t seem to be showing. I think I know the link re “strain” and “air” in the clue above. Both words are old fashioned words for a song, so if you read the clue like that it works very well. Happy New Year – love the photos, need to follow the resolutions!

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Hugh, the system requires me to approve a first comment from anyone, and I was a bit slow – been rather busy, as the blog tells! This one should have appeared straight away.

  2. devoncream says:

    Hi Tony, no worries! Must take you some time finding all these new pictures on f fabulous young men!

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