Here We Go, Then…


I trust you all had a fun time seeing in 2017: as our German-speaking friends like to put it – “Did you have a good slide into the new year?”

We certainly did. I guess that I could have expected something, with Jack in cahoots with our old friends Alain and Michel. After Saturday’s second show, we met a beaming Michel outside the theatre, ready to whisk our two young ones (Leo turned 15 yesterday!!) off in his car to a suitable party venue with other younger members of Jack’s extended family: Alain jumped on to our tour bus to guide us to a ‘secret’ venue where some of their gay friends were already gathering for what turned out to be something of a wrestlefest!


Cut to a well-equipped (i.e.matted) basement somewhere in the Toronto suburbs: out came the oil bottles…


Our hosts friends were slightly startled to see our two ladies in the party, but as soon as they realised that they were lesbians, liked getting naked, and like as not would thrash them on the mats, so everyone was up for a bout or three!

As we didn’t leave the theatre until 10pm, it wasn’t all that long to the 2017 countdown, and then it was back on the mats for a couple of hours before everyone split with their own partners to welcome the new year in that very special way…


Nuff said about that, probably. Not surprising either that we cut the gym session on New Year’s Day.

So, this comes to you courtesy of O’Hare Airport WiFi as we await our connection back to Tennessee and, for the kids, back to school tomorrow. Our contribution to the show completed: the rest of the team staying on until the beginning of February. Jaymee still has her birthday to look forward to (Thursday) but, apart from that, it will be back to our sporting/training/coaching business as usual. The rest of today’s gallery selection, as usual, fits those themes, starting with ways in which like-minded partners can share the fun!






Rumble at Rt 66

However primitive the facilities (and note the dumbbells!!):


Yes, it’s always great to train with a friend or two. But never mind if you are alone in your dreams – this is ‘Resolution Time’!!

Go for it (ANY AGE!!), and don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Ask here if you want. Or at Some images of great results follow, after the COMMERCIAL BREAK!


Help to keep this blog going through 2017: buy the books, and recommend them to your friends (but they have to buy their own)!! They can get (cheaper) e-versions, but every little helps!! Click on the cover or the links!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

You can see the themes from the cover: acrobatics, adventure and a celebration of gay love. If you don’t read Chinese, search the blog for ‘Tuan Jie’!

And now, the well-built boys:







Wet boys do have that special look!


Finally for today, a whole heap of wrestler lads. Note that I haven’t asked for a handstand today – just a bit of effort to get the body in shape! The clever stuff can come later, once you get going! Up for it, then?



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