Surprise, Surprise…


We could, in the best British pantomime tradition, all call out “BEHIND YOU!”. Or we could make a guess at what that young Russian gymnast is wishing for in his new year wish list!

Anyways, here we are in 2017, back in Tennessee, back at work coaching etc and our young uns, both now 15yo, back in school and reunited with their friends.

Some surprises were in store when we returned!

But first let’s introduce the picture theme for todays post – BICEPS. Well, of course, I already did that, with the help of my young Russian friends!


OK. While we’ve been away, Ivo and Pete have been ‘home alone’, handling the gymnastics sessions at the center. Surprise number 1 was that they were unusually pleased to see us. Being, of course, members of our closed gay group, and them desirous of more than their own company, they kind of hi-jacked Dave and I big time on our first night back. The usually reticent Ivo, content to ‘bottom’ for his partner Pete, demanded the other role of Dave, while Pete did likewise of me. Then we switched over roles – and partners – to return the favour. Weren’t quite expecting that, but we sure enjoyed it.

Surprise number 2 was that Ivo then handed us the coaching schedule and announced that he and Pete were going away for a week, leaving us in charge of ensuring that all coaching sessions are staffed and run efficiently. Heigh Ho – well, we had sloped off for more than a week over Xmas, so I guess it’s fair enough. And Pete and Ivo would, of course, say that we were well rewarded in advance.


A further surprise was that Leo and Jaymee are hosting a joint 15th birthday bash on Saturday evening. That in itself was not the surprise – we knew already. The surprise – aka shock – is that they thought about the music, the venue and the liquid refreshment – but neither of them remembered to organise FOOD! We had been assured that everything was in hand – and we would just get the bills – for their event which is being held in the small gym hall at Man.Power (kindly cleared out by Ron for the occasion) for about 40 assorted friends – fitness freaks and not so, in equal measure. They do have other friends! And it is definitely a dance, not a weights session (although that would have NOT been a surprise, I suppose). But now we’ve been frantically dashing around to find a last-minute caterer – of course, their Moms are still in Canada with the show, otherwise I am sure they would asked the obvious questions and got the act together! Clare would probably have done the cooking herself. Fortunately, our panicky search has proved successful.


So we are having what you could call a ‘pear-shaped week’! But then, pear-shaped can be fun, according to Jaymee, who sits back and lets us do the worrying!



Ah – two guys sharing their passion. In this case, for muscle. Something very close to our hearts in this blog, so no surprise there then.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbI have, of course, shared that passion – for fit bodies, acrobatics, performance and a bit of adventure – in another way, as these three volumes testify! I would encourage you to consider a bit of leisure reading, after your new-year-resolution workouts! With partner alongside, of course… you can share the e-versions if you prefer that to the printed page. The covers are the links…

Now, back to bicep power! And no more surprises. For now.



If you MUST wear a top in the weights gym, this next one is surely cover enough?


Better, though, without!


Our next boy is slightly blurred, I fear – but his biceps are worthy of his place here (and the rest!)…


Lean and mean…



Sweaty too – even better…


If you’re not working out to that level of sweat, you’re not doing enough!





Another shirt in the gym – arrrgh! But the arms deserve a show:


And finally, in our ‘gun show’ arms AND abs!


tumblr_mygzg2b_up_v1spbqkko1_500Actually, as the topic today (apart from biceps) was surprises, I’ll add one more little surprise – for Dave to explore. Just to show that I haven’t forgotten his strange addiction…


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