Last Tango…


Ten like-minded guys – in it to improve their bodies. Very much like the guys in the private gym we are fortunate to be members of. Where it is all change – again.


I mentioned last time that tonight (Saturday) is party night for Leo and Jaymee’s 15th. It is being held in the small hall at said gym, which has been variously available for group hire since Chad first made it available for the teenage us to train kids from what was then ‘our’ High School who were interested in acro. Loving the Boy and The Power of Love cover that era – before Leo or Jaymee were even a twinkle in their respective mothers’ eyes!

And now here they are 15. The theme for the party is ‘beach wear’ – not too surprising since they have grown up in a household where minimal clothing has always been the norm – all that sweaty training, which they have  themselves grown into, along with their closest friends. Ron, in charge of said gym, has excelled himself, for he knows our kids and their training mates are really dedicated to what they do and are welcome members of what previously was an adults-only affair. So we spent last evening helping him move two contraptions we know as the ‘wet pits’ into the small gym, complete with drains and pumps. They were originally installed to allow members to indulge in a craze for ‘wet’ wrestling, under a water spray. NKD Kombat sells videos of that stuff. Some members, either the more ‘gay fetishy’ kind or those (like us) who recognise potential medical benefits to the skin, have used the pits with other forms of fluid provided by themselves. For the party, however, its the closest simulation to a beach Ron could think of, and he’s even imported a load of sand! Sand and weights (and sweat!) can go together…


…and some might even get lifted at the party – but not all the invitees are fitness freaks by any means, there will be loud music, food and drink – and no adults. Actually, there is CCTV supervision, and our kids know that…

tumblr_oidzwuwvsl1sxiuywo1_1280…I don’t put it past Leo and Jaymee to organise some sort of ‘talent’ competition so they can show off their balance routine, though. However, we have tried to curb their tendency to show off their unusual abilities in school breaks, because they’ve learned the hard way that it does not necessarily win friends!

When the party is over, “The Party’s Over” in another sense too. Before Chad, who founded this private gym club, left for his world travel, the rules on admission were getting rather relaxed and a number of well-under-eighteens had been admitted to what had previously been a seriously adult affair. Adult for two reasons: training naked has always been encouraged – a place where guys can enjoy a special freedom to sweat without having clinging wet rags around your body!…


… and with a high percentage of gay clientele, where those who wished could explore their passions to the full if they so wished, and not particularly discreetly.

To the first point, in our view no ‘defense’ is required, except for the presence of the under-age kids (who do exactly the same every morning in our private training cabin anyway, but you can see the potential issue…). Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouts, in his just-after Boer war days, upon being informed that, at one of his camps, there were naked boys climbing trees, replied ‘Excellent!’ Manly, indeed. And no sense that there was any depravity from him, of course. I also refer you to an earlier post on naked training in the UK, and the correspondence attached to it.

However, there has been an awkward interface between that (with the young uns present) and the desire of some gay members to go further, with a number of trial solutions to separate the activities. After a members’ meeting, a new solution has been agreed. The small gym, previously known as Man.Power.2, will close to any external events. The wet pits will stay, along with mats and a small selection of weight machines: any members desirous of rounding off their training or wrestling matches with more intimate encounters will be required to leave the main gym and go to the small gym via the pass door. The main gym becomes strictly for workouts, acrobatic and wrestling training. Naked if you want, yes…


…not everyone wishes to go quite that far…


…that far, then, but no further. And no more under-16s will be admitted except in very special cases, and those that are already ‘in’ can remain because they are either related to existing members or closely associated with them, and all relevant parental approval is in place.

And that will be as far as it goes in the main gym henceforth.


Fun and fooling around, of course…


…is definitely allowed! But the main ethic is hard workouts…


One other thing I am really pleased about is that two fairly recent additions to Leo’s fitness ‘clan’ – Afro-Americans Theo and Errol, are “in”. This is a first: in our Bible-Belt state with memories of the Civil War not far beneath the surface and a mindset that our dark-skinned colleagues are still ‘slaves’, this overturns a policy which the original owner Chad put it in place and was “immovable” for more than 15 years. Dave and I, and the rest of our own adult ‘clan’ argued the case very strongly in the meeting, and I am proud to say that a significant majority of the existing members willingly accepted the change based on our assurances that they are training like demons. They are booked to give a demonstration next week!

Meanwhile, no-one knows if Chad will ever return. At the moment we think he is in The Philippines and travelling with another guy. He still has a significant financial interest in the building… but that is a problem for another time.

Otherwise, several problems solved and a lot of happy people. Our young-uns included.

Ah! More sand: excuse for a quick abs workout…


Never pass up an opportunity! Climbing frame? Baden-Powell would be delighted…


Men, young and old, developing their bodies and the skills they can perform with them. Our business!

cover-3-thumbThere is, by the way, a third book. They are all related and cover a few early years in our sporting lives, just as we discovered gay love. If you are interested in any of the stuff recorded here, including circus tours and one which went wrong, getting us into some serious hot water, then click on this cover which will lead you to the publisher. And there’s always Amazon for e-versions…

But now, enough words in this post. Just a few more appropriate images to entertain… and lets stay on the sand!








And finally, the perfect handstand shape (for a normal handstand!) – as we try to teach it. Have a go!




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