Last Waltz… New Dance…


A nice capture there for you of a teeterboard ‘dance’ each guy doing a tuck somersault followed by a layout somersault. The ‘trick’ – if there is one – is to land in the right place. For what it is worth, we are hopeless at that.

So, the party is over. All went well. We had two adults on the door to look after street clothes and shoes, and to deter gatecrashers. Most of the boys attending wore Speedos or board shorts, and most of the girls found their bikinis despite being seriously out of season, to support the ‘beach wear’ theme! Our crew did indeed wear the silver briefs they use for performance (silver bikinis for Jaymee and Karla) and, yes, there was a little showing off. But mainly it was girls hanging around boys necks when not dancing on the mats or spilling Coke thereon. As they do at 15yo birthday bashes.

It has occurred to Dave and I that we have to move on from thinking about boys mucking about with boys…


…to boys and girls mucking around with each other. After all, Dave and I started to explore our gay sexuality together by age 17…


…and they start younger every year. Since Dave and I couldn’t get each other pregnant, probably our liaisons were less potentially serious than early boy/girl relationships can be, but is it time for “THE TALK”? OMG, being a parent and all that… and especially as these kids are training together so much, unsupervised, and their amorous feelings are most definitely getting aroused. I feel a difficult discussion about condoms coming on, preceded by some serious words about what is right and what is not. Dave says he’ll leave Jaymee’s talk to her mum, but Leo, being a boy, is I think traditionally my problem!

Actually, neither of them is stupid and both are very amenable to talking freely with their parents, so I hope all will be well. But when they’re all sweaty and stripped off after a training session, who knows what could happen. I’ve been struggling to remember at what age I first got an erection… you can see where my mind has been wandering since this party!

As both Dave and I are gay boys and were never destined to do this, I think that we need a bit of counselling ourselves!


Meanwhile, in other news:

I also mentioned in yesterday’s post that the private gym is closing ranks and becoming much more ‘private’ again. Ron, who has “inherited” the job of managing what to any outsider must appear a somewhat strange environment, also proposed during discussions that the place has become over-populated, sometimes to the extent that training groups are encroaching on each other’s space with potentially hazardous consequences. Henceforth, no new members are to be introduced until ‘natural wastage’ has reduced the numbers. This is a pity, but understandable. And, to misquote the British Prime Minister Teresa May when she utters the meaningless phrase ‘Brexit means Brexit’, we have all been reminded that ‘Private means Private’. In other words, as I originally reported in my books (which got past Chad’s censorship!), ‘The First Rule of Fight Cub is You Don’t Talk about Fight Club’. So expect a little less information here about the place, except to say that it is more strictly regulated and with strictly adult activity segregated so that those 15yo minds do not get corrupted.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbDid I say books? Click on covers for more info – you can also find them as e-books and on Amazon etc.

We’ll be focussed more here on male

fitness, training, acrobatics, general news with a gay slant, and so forth. Hope that’s OK!

Now let’s enjoy some general fitness pictures to finish off today’s contribution:

















As I finish this, a shout from Leo asks if we might go swimming this afternoon. It has been extremely cold here overnight – -10C/14F, and will not rise above freezing all day!! ‘Swimming’ means river, and river means at least above freezing point. It may feel rather more like this…


Should at least quell any thoughts of inappropriate underwater liaisons between boys and girls as we troop down to the swimming hole from Cody’s place…

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2 Responses to Last Waltz… New Dance…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The Talk shouldn’t be so bad, especially in view of the honest and scientific sex ed available in public schools. As a substitute teacher, I sometimes teach sex ed. While I do teach them about the science related to sex ed as well as the use of condoms, etc., abstinence and STDs, I also talk about saying “No”. I tell them that if they are feeling pressured to have sex, go to a parent or other trusted adult and talk to that adult. We never need to say “Yes” until we are psychologically ready. I explain that when one has one’s first sexual experience, that experience changes a person in unexpected ways. The experience can be confusing. The experience can also be one that takes from some of the more childlike experiences one might still want to enjoy. It’s hard to put into words, but you understand. Also, I’m sure you’re prepared to hear that some experimentation (heavy petting, copping a feel, same-sex curiosity) might have already taken place. With your open relationship, family nudity, and sexual honesty, I don’t think you need to be too fearful. Good Luck!

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