Happy Trump Day

No, not HUMP day…


I’ve heard that today, the world is balanced on a knife edge (that’s a very neat planche position by the way). A lot of real American folks around here (TN) are ecstatic… others just feel like ending it all…


Is it the end of ‘life as we know it’, the preface to world War 3, or, as one pundit in a British magazine predicts, a very short-term presidency because he’ll be impeached and out of office in less than a year?

Whether we like it or not, it is The Donald’s BIG DAY. I noticed that the cost of ensuring he doesn’t get assassinated this afternoon during the slow motorcade in Washington as $100 million. That includes a few of my personal tax dollars, and I can think of better ways it could be spent.

Meanwhile, several hundred miles away from Pennsylvania Avenue here in Tennessee, life goes on more or less as normal and the TV is OFF. As Brits living in USA, neither Dave nor I gets involved in politics, and we DON’T CARE what happens in Washington because we can always choose ‘out’ and go home (to either Oxford, Barrow or Wales). Always assuming that whatever tumult arises after Trump’s inauguration doesn’t interrupt scheduled flights across the Atlantic.

So, in the training cabin at the top of our yard here in Oak Ridge, life goes on as normal. Seven regular kids training their bodies for acrobatic sports and wrestling, adults doing the same, getting ready for our big event, which takes place tomorrow evening. It started life after we introduced my son Leo’s new friends Theo and Errol to the private gym: now they’ve all ganged up on us and issued a ‘Lads versus Dad’s wrestle challenge’, to take place tomorrow evening at the private gym: that’s eight lads in total because Chris’s older bodybuilding brother has been roped in too, leaving us the challenge to muster eight adults – only two actual ‘Dad’s’ of the actual boys – me (Leo) and our friend Steve (Chris and Billy the BB) – everyone else’s dad is either absent or unsporty so, in addition to Dave (Jaymee’s dad but she’s well out of it!!), we’ve roped in Ivo, Pete, our wrestle partners Leon and Dane from Lexington, and our Latino model mate Carlos. I’ll let know how this mass brawl goes!

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbWe have ‘form’ for this kind of thing, when we ourselves were just a little bit older than these current 15-16yos. It’s written in these books along with our discovery of gay love, circus tours and assorted adventures. You might like to take a look – print and e-versions available and if you don’t fancy the shipping from UK where they’re published, you can use Amazon and get e-versions there too. More info by clicking on the covers.

And so, it is surely TAKE YOUR MIND OFF TRUMP TIME!!! Some great bodies and sporty stuff for your viewing pleasure!


















Let’s have a big finish – a final salute from a load of gymnasts!


…and, as I post this, the inaugural motorcade is under way. God Bless America – and all Brits who sail in her…


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