Tungsten Theresa

No way I can link the pics to the topic today so, for visuals, let’s just have A Day in the Gym!


As a Brit living in USA and surveying the current political turmoil as successive Obama legislature is countermanded, apparently on the whim of one man, I have to be just a little proud that it is my Prime Minister Theresa May who will be the first ‘foreign’ leader to meet Trump – and she will do that after first having met with other senior Republicans in Philadelphia tomorrow, many of whom harbour serious reservations about our new President. That’s kind of well briefed.

‘Tungsten Theresa’, the new by-line coined for her at home in UK, is of course inspired by the former ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher, who developed such good relations with Reagan in a sort of mutual admiration society. As our new lady is also in charge of negotiation with the self-centered bureaucracy of the European Union on our behalf (that’s on Britain’s behalf, I mean), she sure needs to be tough. Oh to be a fly on the wall as misogynist meets his possible match!


I guess Dave and I show little interest in politics normally but, when things are heating up in such a remarkable way, who knows? It is not so long since the Russians attached to the local National Laboratory here in TN all departed rather suddenly (including a couple of real friendly weights mates) – now we’re all waiting to see how long it takes before Trump and Putin admit they’re best buddies. OMG!



Yes, I know this is a blog for promoting fitness in young men – and my books! – but I couldn’t resist a little strutting in support of the Tungsten lady’s ‘prime’ position with the new US administration. We shall watch the plot unfold with interest!


So I’ll stick to the pictures now, with some book covers thrown in on which you may click for better information. Meanwhile enjoy the guys sweating it out building their bodies!


















And a dark, but excellent picture revealing a great British gym and a great body (and, of course, a great photographer handling the light brilliantly), to finish:


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