Facebook Makes My Point!

Yesterday, I posted a long piece about naked swimming being the ‘norm’ for boys in the 1950s, in UK to some extent and especially in the USA. I opened the post with an image which appeared in a US newspaper in 1952. Fast forward 65 years, and Facebook censored it!

All posts on my blog are shared with Facebook since shortly after I started.

Facebook showed me the picture it had deleted – OK, it had nude male swimmers on it – and demanded that I review about 50 other images for ‘nudity’. Back in the day, boys at swim meets were instructed NOT to wear costumes. Girls were present, and boys accepted their awards naked in front of parents – and newspaper photographers.

‘Viva’ The Netherlands, where all public pools after 8pm have a ‘clothing optional’ policy for mixed bathing. French beaches covered in topless ladies… French men forbidden to wear anything more than Speedos in public pools (board shorts are “Interdit”!).

And now, in 2017, we have masses of school boys scared even to take off their shirts in front of other boys in the locker room when changing for Phys Ed.

And that, gentlemen (and any ladies here!) is PROGRESS.

‘Progress’ – in Phys Ed – can be today’s picture theme. All shirtless, of course (deep sigh of despair).



Dave has just reminded me that Facebook famously censored an image of an 18th-century old master containing nudity – and had to recant after public ridicule. Exactly. But I have to say that their algorithm is pretty astute – and almost instantaneous: I posted the item, then immediately remembered something I wanted to add: I did the update in less than three minutes and then it wouldn’t share to Facebook for the update!


Other blog sites (and I regard Facebook as such, although perhaps I shouldn’t, but I don’t feel I want to give it any special status) are full of naked guys doing fully intimate things, often in moving gifs and videos. I could mention Blogger and Tumblr… occasionally one encounters a sign saying ‘image removed for violating policy’ but I would say that 99.9% of the stuff that I would never post here stays on those blogs.


cover1-thumbcover-3-thumbcover2-thumbYou can, of course, read all about our more intimate activities – as a clutch of gay partners and friends – and there are occasional mentions here but NOT images! – so I direct you to these erstwhile volumes which cover our discovery of gay love, acrobatic work, circus tours, the formation of Tuan Jie (check it out – gosh, it’s over five years now since I blogged about that) and so forth… somewhat more forthcoming perhaps than even those ‘moving gif’ possibilities! Click on covers for more information or search the net for the e-book versions.

And now, more ‘Phys Ed’ progress…
















And for the finale, a whole heap of fit young Russians. Or maybe Ukrainians. No nudity here then… but not a shirt in sight either. 7/10 guys – you could at least get into shorts, and barefoot! #1, #3 and #6 are at least trying. I wonder which body you would rate the highest – these are all street workout dudes: #4 would probably make the best acrobat but overall I think – #2.


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4 Responses to Facebook Makes My Point!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Your observations about high school locker rooms are correct according to my experience (as a substitute teacher) about boys not removing clothes. Boys don’t even shower (and they need to shower). They aren’t even given enough time to shower. Seven minutes is the max I’ve seen to give the kids in the locker room. Interestingly, I do know one PE teacher who likes to go barefoot.

  2. toby8325 says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when boys are so inhibited about their bodies. Never mind taking off their shirts in the changing room – how would today’s lads cope if they had to do actual Phys Ed classes with their shirts off, as we frequently did? I imagine you did the same Tone and I’m sure that, like me, you found it a valuable way of getting used to and enjoying shirtless exercise. Does your son do Phys Ed shirtless, or do his school not allow it?

    • tonycavanagh says:

      In UK before moving to ORHS for the final year, we did PE often as shirts/skins, with boys that opted shirtless usually continuing that way. Dave and I kind of set a trend in OR in that final year because we had an asst. coach (sadly long gone) who approved of our acro ambitions – these days it is generally shirts for Phys Ed but Leo and his friends buck the trend and generally get away with it.

  3. toby8325 says:

    And good for them!

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