69 Not Out…


And so we return, after various diversions, to the gay love theme in this post. And no, we’re not 69 years old, not yet! Nor are we still as young as these two guys – much as we would like to be. Mid thirties, in fact. Getting past it? Starting to slow down? Well, actually, yes, a bit!

But not too ‘past it’ to enjoy that ’69’ thing, when the opportunity arises. And when Leon and Dane come down from Lexington to stay for the weekend, that opportunity certainly arises!


Dave and I have a HUGE bed… this is America, and King Size means room for about ten! So there’s certainly room for four, and Leon and Dane, who like ourselves are part of the ten guys sworn to sexual adventures only within that group, there are opportunities. And it was that ’69’thing I awoke to this morning, Leon having burrowed down under the duvet to find… ahem… well, you know what. And I was quick to reciprocate, as you do.

It did not take long before our two bedfellows decided to join in the action, and not much longer before our confederates Pete and Ivo stuck their head around the door…

Sometimes, I’m amazed we still have the energy! I guess a little bit of this helps along the way…


…maybe a bit of this…


…maybe a helping of this…


…but most of the time, the training that really keeps us young is this:


Love, as they say, makes the world go around, and for us – five loving partnerships, each willing to share with the other four – I guess it still works! And the other two partnerships are coming back from Canada next weekend…

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover2-thumbMaybe, approaching 35 (arrgh!) one shouldn’t be quite so open about one’s love life any more. Unfortunately, I have ‘form’, as these infamous books have related! To all the ‘discovering gay love’ bit, add acrobatics (well, I’m not the least interested in football), circus tours, and some misadventures… click on the covers.

OK. It will be FOUR books before long, although number 4 is quite different (and a lot shorter)! Watch this space.

Meanwhile, some more partnerships to entertain you, starting with the younger generation:















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