Where Did That Weekend Go?


Gosh – needed that! I know how he feels – I’m off there next…

After the early-morning hi-jinks discussed yesterday, with Leon and Dane visiting from Lexington, our Saturday morning began as usual – coaching duties at the gymnastics center while they went over to the private gym for a brutal three hour workout, accompanied by my son Leo and his friend Chris and one or two of their mates.


Very kindly they bought the boys lunch, and, if the first 3 hours wasn’t enough, returned to the gym for some pre-arranged wrestling with Ron the manager and his friends, who are our star wrestlers. Since Leon and Dane are probably Lexington’s star wrestlers, the matches were technically very advanced, lengthy and equally matched. In the end, as he always does, Ron prevailed – we were just back in time to see the end of all that… some very sweaty and tired guys just emerging from the showers… ready to drop, actually:


In our lads-only environment (apart from a couple of “honorary boys” – very sporty girls), the wrestling had been conducted according to our usual dress code, as illustrated here…


That sorted, and with our family girls (and essentially, Clare who loves to cook for us all) still on the road back from the show in Canada, Dave and I took our friends plus Leo and Dave’s daughter out to eat before hitting the sack with everyone quite exhausted.

Today, Sunday, dawned bright but chill here in TN and we didn’t ‘waste’ time on this occasion before emerging from bed! Leo and (inevitably) Chris looking hopeful… ‘Swim, dad?’ Uh oh, that means the river. Well we’re used to it, Leon and Dane were up for it, but we insisted the kids – and Jaymee with her friend and Leo’s squeeze Karla decided to come too – we insisted the kids rode bikes so we could send them packing and stay on with friends Cody and Adge for the afternoon, as we had already planned.

When the river is warmer than the air, things aren’t too uncomfortable so long as you keep moving! No ice in Tennessee…


… we have done that once though, but only under a tiny thin sheet of ice that fractured if our backs touched it…


‘Come on in – the water’s fine!’

The one part of the Russian tradition we do often employ, though, is getting warm after the swim by lighting a bit of a fire:


Ate our lunch by the fire, sent the kids packing as planned, and wandered over to Cody’s. He’s the man with the “basement of fun” and sometimes it is actually possible to enjoy being tied up and humiliated a bit. Cody and Adge certainly enjoy it, and it passes the time…


…after which the six of us needed another swim to ‘cool off’ followed by Cody’s best coffee. Back home, Leon and Dane reluctant to leave, even though they faced a drive of more than 100 miles. ‘Let’s lift a few in your cabin, shall we…?’

Where, why am I not surprised, we find Leo, Chris and two of their friends already hard at it.


Dave and I suddenly remember that we have to cook, because Karen, Clare, Zach, Gary, Ethan and Jack are on their way from Canada in our tour bus, scheduled to arrive around 9pm this evening. Leon and Dane offer to stay and ‘help’, and we shall also probably be feeding Pete and Ivo when they come back from wherever they are. Hmmm. We’ve got about three hours and, if we ever want Clare to cook for us ever again (bless her!) we’de better get this right.

I think we’ve made it. The kitchen looks like a bomb hit it, but the smells from the oven are enticing. Leon and Dane had an early sampler then left for home, I’ve sneaked off to write this, and the rest of the crowd are hopefully cleaning up. It is going to be great to have the rest of the crew back here, although how long we shall have the ever ‘on-the-road’ Ethan and Jack remains to be seen.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumb(Pause while your blogger is forcibly removed to the kitchen to do “his share”…)

OK, I’m back. And I don’t think I can stay awake until that tour bus gets here… but I’d better.

The rest of this post is just going to be fitness pictures, then to inspire the tired and exhausted to greater efforts – on another day!













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