Best Foot Forward?


Dave and I lay awake in bed last night, having one of those ‘Are we going to carry doing this for the rest of lives?’ moments. I don’t mean that we were discussing ‘Shall we go out and find new partners?’ though! More like ‘Are we going to be satisfied doing gym coaching for a pitiful financial reward for the rest of our lives, or are we going to be more ambitious?’ It’s a good question when you reach that mid-thirties threshold.

And, while it may appear ‘clever’ to do this…


…becoming a brain surgeon would bring in rather more money for our pension nest-egg. After all, the kids are now 15 and will soon wanting to be leading lives of their own. Time for the dads to break free?

A hand reaches across and pinches my middle. The region where I am fighting with my body, which wishes to store a little fat for its future resource, and which s becoming harder and harder to fight off despite the exercise. My hand has a similar exploration. Dave’s body is embarking on the same trail.

‘We need to run more!’


Yes, and not just running up for a vault in the gym! We do like running but, in common with life in general mid thirties, the motivation is becoming just that little bit tougher. Exercise like this helps…



…this would be better…


…that most definitely address the mid section! But long runs will definitely burn the categories…so “Best Foot Forward!”

Which does not, of course, address the original “mid-life urge” debate. We have already decided to take a week or so away together, once our colleagues back from the Canadian show have ‘bedded back in’ to life in Tennessee and can take over our coaching demands for a while. But we can’t even decide where to go. TN is remote from the coast, which we rather fancy (although the sea in February is not at its most inviting!)… maybe a Great Lake shore? We’ll have to see. One idea is to visit our old friends who run an gymnastics center in Florida – maybe a bit of a ‘busman’s holiday’ but at least it is warm there!

Whatever we decide, we’re obviously both getting slightly ‘itchy feet’, needing to find a new road to explore…


So it’s gonna be ‘best foot forward’ in some way, but what? Time will have to tell, I guess. It would be a huge wrench not to be sharing our kid’s continued development, both in their acrobatics and showmanship and in general: also we absolutely love bring on the younger ones to whom (with their parents) we have obviously set something of an example in fitness and acrobatic terms.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbI could, of course, aim to become a really famous author (!!) but you guys would have to help me out there by persuading all your friends to buy the books! A new book has been accepted for publication – a tale of a Native American boy failing to come to terms with his gayness, cast out of his community into the care of a spirit guide who causes as much mayhem as help… its a tragedy in the end, quite unlike the first three semi-autobiographical tales of life with Dave, the others, the circus and so forth. Watch this space for notes on the publication process for ‘Let The Future Find Me’ but, in the meantime, I commend the first three linked epics!

Just looking back at that last picture, perhaps it’s a pity that the guy’s ‘brick road’ is not yellow, aka The Wizard of Oz! Come to think of it, Ethan and Jack had a really great time in “Oz” and New Zealand – but just wandering off on a hugely-delayed “gap year” isn’t going to pay for the pension either! Out of ideas, we eventually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, we shall continue to promote male fitness here. Let’s see if the remaining images here can inspire you.















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3 Responses to Best Foot Forward?

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Here’s an idea for the “Future You”: become substitute teachers! The last I heard, minimum qualifications included only a high school diploma in Tennessee ( a friend was a sub in Tennessee once.) This way, you can sub as a PE teacher, see about getting a coaching certificate and be able to manage your time yourself–work as often or as little as you want. In Illinois, subs are part of the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). In Illinois, teacher pensions are guaranteed by the Illinois State Constitution and are very generous for those who work 20-30 years. Check it out. This (subbing) may be a perfect fit. And don’t worry about your lifestyle. I doubt anybody is interested vis-a-vis your employability, and the laws are very strict about non-discrimination in federally-funded jobs. Also, if Tennessee is like Illinois, school districts are probably desperate for subs. Just ask the kids how often their teachers are subbed out for meetings, let alone personal issues like sickness, etc. Let me know what you think.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thanks for the thoughts. We already hold coaching quals, but we are thinking outside that box – although we not exactly sure what that actually means! Thanks for the support…


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