1000+ And Counting: Celebrating with Daniel

The system just told me that I have passed 1000 posts. Perhaps I need a life, and should stop! But then we’d have even more time for the gym…


…and, as recently remarked here, perhaps we should devote our time to something different for a change. Get out of the gym, for example:


No, that’s not quite what I meant (but it’s damned ingenious!). No, I meant getting away from any kind of gym. Take up a new hobby…


(and thereby hangs a tale, but its not for telling here!). But then we come across ever more sporty young guys who mean to show us what they’re made of, and keep inspiring us. Young Daniel here, for example:


Daniel is a third-generation heavyweight juggler whose family comes from Russia – although he comes from Birmingham England.


Not only juggling –


– he combines it with acrobatics and balance…


The word on the street is he’s headed for Britain’s Got Talent next year, and has already done several other shows. Since we got a foot on the ladder with shows like that over here in US (not the dizzy heights of America’s Got Talent, though!!), we’ve got to hand it to the kid and his family for choosing the performing pathway.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbWe used to work with a heavyweight juggler who performed as ‘Markus’ although his name was Eric – or perhaps, because his name was Eric, which somehow isn’t quite so showbusiness, especially when it is followed by Kaplinski. He got a few mentions in my first three books which chart our course in so-called show business – if turning a few somersaults and balancing on your hands can be considered show business! Clicking on the adjacent covers will reveal more.

So, unless Dave and I decide to go over to Eastern Europe and train as tram drivers (a fantasy I have nurtured ever since someone pointed out that I could indeed be  70-year-old Bulgarian tram driver for all they knew, and not  gymnastics coach at all), perhaps gym and acrobatics is here to stay for another 1000 posts. And a healthy helping of gay life thrown in.

Typical pictures follow, then!


Here’s someone else into show business (or some other sort of promotion, judging by the microphone):


Actually, I think it is a street workout competition. Some guys do that at night:


Call us weird (and folks certainly do), but we really like being shirtless in the dark, or in the rain, or in unexpected situations. Gives us a quaint sense of superiority or something, which is certainly not deserved!


And barefoot, too. 7 out of 9 on that in the next street workout session (one barefooter is very well hidden…!):


Here’s 12 vintage gymnasts:


Since we’re into statistics today, I could mention that this blog has had just short of 1,722,000 visitors in its lifetime, and the daily hit rate continues to grow steadily. So, even if we can’t quite decide what to do with the rest of our lives (see yesterday’s post), keeping up the postings seems to remain on the agenda!

Back to that great bare-chested feeling:


I can promise you, doing something strenuous shirtless, even in the snow, is a fantastic feeling, especially when there is a group of you to encourage each other. Those Russian soldiers certainly look happy enough!

And then, maybe just once in a while, this is for you:


Is he barefoot? I hope so!

Or maybe you’d prefer to get your thrills indoors, back in the weight room… these three gym bunnies may not look happy, but my bet is that they’re real proud of their results and just want to look tougher in the photo!


So, let’s take a moment on this statistical celebration day to with YOU “Happy Lifting”!!







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