‘Schmeissing’, Anyone?


Now there’s an invitation!

More ramblings from me on the subject of our family set-up and our chosen activities not being quite as eccentric as first appeared! Moving on from yesterday’s ‘multi-parenting’ issue, I return to so-called “Swinging London” for the next piece of evidence (“if m’Lud pleases…”).

I have spoken many times of our fondness, en famille, to do our private fitness training naked, and to go wild swimming naked. A while back, evidence emerged of naked weights/fitness sessions for guys in the UK capital, and we received a first-hand report from one of our readers that it was enjoyable and delivered exactly what it said on the tin – actual intensive training, and no ‘nonsense’.

Elsewhere, reports have been circulating lamenting the demise of naked swimming (except perhaps in The Netherlands) whereas in places like the ‘Y’ it was always the norm, and even in High School mixed swim meets! Now, a London-based newspaper, the excellent Times, reports on a “consultation” for change nobody wants at the Porchester Spa in the area of the city called Bayswater. For many years they have had nude single-sex swimming: now the powers that be want to reduce all of that in favour of clothed mixed sessions, and the members (both sexes) are up for a fight to keep things as they are.

Now, I grant you: boys in Speedos can look great:


…but boys without Speedos can look great too!



OK, some actually swim in jeans


..but they’re just weird, so we’ll ignore them.

There’s more. Numerous celebs are patrons of the Porchester Spa, and it is well known (I read) as the place to go “for a good schmeissing”. And, that, should you not be aware, is a Yiddish word for a good beating with a soapy raffia mop, or birch twigs as in Finnish or Russian saunas. Naked, obviously.

And there was I worrying about writing about our occasional adventures in Cody’s basement, feeling ‘horny’ and offering ourselves up for a little S&M pleasuring… and then enjoying a bit of TLC afterwards…


…but if the celebs in London say it’s OK, who am I… etc.etc.etc.!!

So, once again, we find that guys getting naked together for ‘sport’ of various kinds is seen as perfectly “OK”. Long may it last, and let us hope that the acceptance of it is not limited to Londoners!

cover-3-thumbcover2-thumbcover1-thumbAnd maybe, just maybe, the ‘naughty bits’ in my books, which describe a few ‘gay’ activities in between more appropriate acrobatic adventures (and non-acrobatic misadventures), are not so bad after all… even worth giving them a try, maybe? e-books too, if you must…

Let’s continue the swimming theme for the rest of today’s fitness-inspiration images – can’t offer nude swimming here because this blog is meant to be, well, “appropriate”!









Well, he may be only thinking about swimming. A pre-swim stretch now:


This next guy may go for a swim when he’s finished his handbalancing, although its a long way down to the beach!


This guy waited until he was there!


More beach acro…



Riverside handbalance:


And, after all the exertion (especially in salty water), a refreshing shower with a mate. Naked would be better, obviously, but then this is a public beach…






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