A Difficult Call


Oh dear. I found myself in a difficult situation mid-week, and it is all due to (son) Leo’s openness.

‘Oh, Hi… is that Mrs. xxxxx?’

‘Yes. Who is this?’

‘This is Tony Cavanagh. Your son lifts weights with our boys in our cabin every morning before school…’


This is about Jude, a Canadian boy just over a year older than Leo, approaching 18 and who, like us originally, arrived here in TN because our fathers got assigned to the local US National Laboratory. Upon his arrival, almost the first thing he did was to declare that he was gay to anyone who asked. Leo happily accepted him into his ‘inner circle’ of fitness freaks – after all, with a gay dad, he could hardly object! Jude is the only boy in the regular group of seven early-bird trainers who is gay, so far as I know.


The other ‘difference’ about Jude is that he is an avid bodybuilder, whereas the rest are into weights just for fitness for other sports such as acrobatics. So, naturally, he is also part of the bodybuilder group in the private gym, to which we introduced him. As a member of two ‘lifter’ groups, they all tend to be ‘confidantes’, sharing things they perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily share with parents. Apparently, one of the older guys in the private gym showed Jude the social media page of an another gay bodybuilder – 19yo, I think – living about 40 miles away. Jude started corresponding with him, and is now convinced that they are in love. They Skype, posing for each other, that sort of thing. Now, they intend to meet, and the other guy has suggested that they film their first encounter – and I am pretty sure that sex is intended – ‘so we can enjoy it together when we are in our old age’.

Now, of course, this could all be entirely innocent. They plan to meet in the woods near our prized swimming hole, fool around in the water, get it together, and even maybe go for a private ‘play’ in nearby Cody’s basement of fun afterwards (Jude knows him through the gym here). Just two guys who really have fallen for each other over the internet and just want to ‘go for it’ – both apparently declare they are ‘virgins’ so far as gay sex goes, so can go ‘bareback’ – keen to compare their bodybuilding progress and work out together, as well as the other…


On the other hand… alarm bells ringing loud and clear!

I owe it to Leo, who really does have his head screwed on when it comes to sensing the right thing to do. The last straw for him and his mate Chris was that Jude asked them to operate the cameras. I had a question, though, considering that the boys most often trained naked, and that a group of sweaty, muscular boys, wrestling together and however ‘straight’, could be an almost irresistible temptation for a frustrated gay teenager:

‘Has Jude ever “come on” to you?’

Leo, slightly reddening said, ‘No’, and I believe that, especially as Leo then volunteered that Jude often got super-hard in their company and had sometimes suggested jerking off.

‘And did you’

Leo really red now, admitting to ‘once or twice’. Well, haven’t we all [guys that is]? But thank God for an honest boy, sensing danger for his friend and perhaps for anyone else getting involved in the ‘adventure’.

And good old Tone, sighing deeply, fishes out his phone… wondering how I get in these topsy-turvy situations…


I did have some advance information. Jude has an older sister who is now married, but had some big issues with unsuitable boyfriends in the past. Jude’s gayness, and his devotion to bodybuilding, are accepted by the parents. So it was really only the intended liaison that I needed to raise. After all, legally, Jude is a child.

Turns out they knew. Not perhaps that the two of them were planning unprotected sex to ‘consummate’ their meeting, perhaps, but they knew that Jude had found some sort of BB soul mate on the internet who lived the other side of Knoxville and that they planned to meet. Not that they were planning to make what amounts to a personal porn video, when it was far from clear what would subsequently happen to it. So I only really to express concern about what we had “overheard” the boys discussing (a little lie to look after Leo’s interests) and to make sure they knew.

I’m not sure that the lady really appreciated me passing on the message, though. Jude missed a couple of days morning training this week and was unusually subdued in school (he is in a higher class than Leo and the rest because of his age, so they don’t see much of him there anyway). But he showed up for training again at our place on Saturday and, apparently, the subject was not raised. I have indicated to Leo and his friend Chris that I feel the invitation to become a movie director should be politely declined, and they agrees with me.

I asked Leo whether he felt bad about me ‘snitching’ to Jude’s mother. He gave me the best answer I could have hoped for…

‘No, because that what I hoped you would do.’

Leo and his fitness-freak friends really do care for each other, and will do what it takes…


Readers will understand that I do not always use the real names of people in this narrative, especially younger ones, for obvious reasons. To be honest, in one or two posts, I have forgotten how the pseudonyms have been assigned, but I do my best!

And now on to less stressful things – presenting more fitness images and caring groups of guys. Enjoy!







cover1-thumbcover2-thumbPause for a little invitation from me. Much more on our life and times as gay acrobats and such nonsense can be found here: just click on my beautifully illustrated book covers for more information – they contain hints of what is in there – those mysterious Chinese symbols, the silhouette acrobatics, and the locations… – you can also get them in e-book form.


And now, back to fitness…







tumblr_oick8muyfq1thlx0no1_500tumblr_nvfwwyhnmj1tjailvo1_1280That looks like a success!


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5 Responses to A Difficult Call

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Your story raised all sorts of alarm bells with me. Living near Chicago, I am constantly reading about missing people. The stories are numerous. The Tribune ran a story recently about 10 missing men (all individually disappeared). Except for one, nobody knows where they are. For the one “found”, all that remained were bone fragments that couldn’t reveal the cause of death. I don’t say this to be a stick-in-the-mud or scaremongerer. I have heard many stories of successful internet love. What I’m saying is that this boy should not be alone with his cyberlove at first. How does he know the photos of the man he thinks he’ll meet are really of cyberguy? How does he know the background and true intent of cyberguy? Why meet alone in the woods? Why not at his parents’ house or another safe place? Why have sex immediately (hormones aside)? If cyberguy wants to have sex immediately, this doesn’t sound like a safe encounter–especially with the request for cameras rolling. I suggest that more than one adult be present and the rendezvous be out in the open (even though I do sound like I’m sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong). Of course, you aren’t the parents, which puts you in an awkward spot. Do you risk the wrath of Jude’s parents for “interfering”? Do you insist the encounter be supervised? Or do you simply hope for the best while fearing the worst? Let me know. I care.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Precisely! Hence the phone call. Not sure about ‘wrath’, but the first call was a bit ‘chilly’ – however, the follow-up call from the father reassured us that they would be taking care of the issue, and he thanked me for drawing it to his attention. No further involvement from us or the other boys, my ‘little lie’ having shifted the “blame” (should it be seen that way) off Leo for telling tales. And Dave had some words with Cody, too, for appearing to go along with the idea originally. Oh dear, things can be complicated sometimes…

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