Off Duty Today


It was warm enough for shirtless outside today! And I felt that I needed a ‘time out’, like this guy.

I found the business that I wrote about yesterday quite stressful, especially as I am not entirely sure that the parents appreciated our interference. But a number of e-mail correspondents plus my most prolific ‘commenter’ reassure me that we did the right thing. ‘Platinumboy’ talks about young guys going missing in the Chicago area and the perils of gay cyberdating, and he is absolutely right. So we’ve passed on the responsibility to those who should be taking it (parents, and boy himself), and removed ourselves and our assorted offspring and trainees from the game.

If none of this makes sense, see the previous post!

Time to relax, then, with a comprehensive selection of fitness inspiration.


Actually, I’m not entirely sure that is a good example: I see a lighter and an ashtray on the wall. This is better – and don’t I wish my waistline was still this slim…


…so let’s lift. This guy has some way to go – heavier weights than this, surely, for a bench press? But at least he’s doing it…


Don’t worry too much about the image…


…just focus on the right things…


…with a friend (or two) if possible…


…don’t you all want the same thing?


If you work hard enough, you will achieve…


…and you can always choose the pose, and the lighting, to show you off to your best…


…or, if you must, you can choose bad lighting and a blurred camera!



You can always ‘glam up’ a bit – spread the sweat to catch the light – or is it body oil?


…so long as you remember that, to be able to pose well like this…


…the hard work comes first…


…then, after the work, you deserve to rest with a good book. Preferably one of mine…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

It’s all there: the training, the hard work, the results, performance (or “showing off” if you prefer), some touring, and some misadventures. not to mention discovering gay love and all that goes with it (which is kind of where this post began).

A few more pix now to finish off, starting with old-tyme showing off:


…some modern showing off (or just having fun)…


OK, enough fun. Back to the gym, guys…


Why not commune with a tiger in between your weights sets?


Did I do enough…?





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