It’s Not Over Till It’s Over…


Determination. To look good and to be fit. Great stuff.

Someone else is being determined. Let’s call him Korben – I believe that’s his real name. He’s the guy that our young friend Jude appears to have fallen for – a fellow body-builder, claiming to be ‘almost 20’.

This is ‘episode 3’ of a long story! (Part 1) (Part 2). If you’re not up to speed, take a read there first (first two posts below this one).


He and Jude ‘met’ on line and share their body-building passion. Both openly gay, they claim to have fallen for each other big time: I’m certain they’ve been ‘sexting’ each other, and this guy suggested filming their first encounter. Alarm bells, big time! I got involved in informing the younger Jude’s parents, who are clearly out of their depth. I rather got brushed off the first time, almost being told it was none of my business. But this boy trains with mine and his friends, and my son Leo felt concerned enough to tell me and hope that I would intervene.

There is, apparently, a new and different invitation to meet now.

‘I’ve got 1000 pound of weights in my basement. Come over and let’s lift together then do some posing…’


Still potentially serious. However, there was more:

‘A couple of my mates can join us – and why don’t you bring a couple of yours?

Jude has a choice. He has two groups of friends – the more-or-less adult group of competitive bodybuilders in our private gym, or his closer and younger friends who train with him mornings at our place. I wouldn’t allow the second option, and I’d be unsure whether the first option would be sufficiently alert to care for him properly in that situation. But there is a third possibility, and I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming.


Yesterday I received a phone call, from Jude’s father, whom I have never met. He is nothing if not direct. Jude had, I think, admitted to the “Plan B”, perhaps hoping for a ride since the other guy is nearly 40 miles away.

‘I know that Jude trains at your place: he speaks highly of you and I’m grateful. I think you know what is going on at the moment… I wonder whether you wouldn’t mind dropping in for chat tomorrow evening?’

Which is this evening now.

‘I believe you have a partner – another guy. Would you mind bringing him too…?


‘We’ve come to terms with his bodybuilding… and we have to accept that he says he’s homosexual…’

But… They want their son looking after, and it’s pretty clear who they want to accompany him on this trip. And it won’t be my son Leo or any of his mates. No way.

How do I get myself into these situations?


Dave and I have talked. We’ll do this for Jude, if we’re asked, because he’s a great guy, an open and honest friend to Leo and the rest of them, and because I desperately want this Korben to be the ‘real deal’ for him and not some sort of predator. But Korben is going to have to work damn hard to prove himself, and the next step is going to have to be him visiting with Jude’s family. One more step for us, then, and no further…

If it’s all truthful, and it comes to this, then I’ll be as delighted as anyone…


…I have heard of ‘cyber relationships’ working out in real life, but there is so much bad stuff out there on the net these days. I know that Jude’s parents feel uneasy about having a gay son – perhaps because he is so incredibly open about it, even in situations where I might well hesitate in revealing myself.

One recommendation I am going to be open about this evening. My dear friend and doctor, Nate, who has been so caring of our own gay community, will be doing happy to conduct some tests before I would even consider leaving the two of them together. Those risks have always bothered me, and are the principal reason for our strange but loving and successful ‘closed gay community’ of ten guys introduced and insisted upon by our friend Zach who lost friends to Aids: this ‘coven’ I have often written about, both here in the blog and in my books.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbDave says ‘There’d better be a good dinner in this…’

I’m thinking the same. We’ll see.

Let’s move on. More pictures, I think. Well-developed bodies, but not body-building freaks. Not our style.






Here’s the perfect gym location:








Two hours to go! We’ve had to cut short a coaching session to make this visit possible, and lose some of our free time as well…  it’s a nice 72F outside (22C) and sunny and such weather should be enjoyed shirtless… but we’re leaving the gymnastics center just as we should ordinarily have been arriving.

Still, my Brit readers are currently “enjoying” Storm ‘Doris’ (‘DORIS’??? couldn’t anyone think of a better name?) – hope our place in Wales is OK because it’s empty at the moment. Right now, I think I’d rather be there, catching flying roof tiles, than facing Jude’s parents! But duty calls!



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2 Responses to It’s Not Over Till It’s Over…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I hate to say this is sounding more and more unlikely to be a good liaison. I hope you can see that Jude is safe. Ultimately, it’s not your legal responsibility. However, what about an inexperienced, unwise boy? I hope his parents are responsible enough to accompany Jude and seek to protect him. After all, it’s their responsibility to do so.

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