All Done with the Chaperoning! Back to the Day Job…


My three previous posts (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3) have been about two gay boys (bodybuilders) allegedly falling in love in a most inappropriate way, and our involvement in making sure that one of them (underage) gets the  protection and support he needs from his parents. I have to say that I am very disappointed in that last department.


So, Dave and I reluctantly agreed to accompany Jude on his first visit to meet Korben, the older lad. I have to say that we were surprised to find that he does indeed seem to be the genuine article, even insisting on showing us his ID! We arrived at his place just as two of his weights mates arrived, dressed in trackies, trainers and commercial gym vests. They led us round the back of his home to the doors leading directly into his basement training area and called out to announce our arrival. He appeared, shirtless, also in trackies and, to his credit, seeming very embarrassed about the situation. Obviously, the two of them (Korben and Jude) immediately set about comparing their muscles, but Korben was definitely on ‘best behaviour’ and limited ‘contact’ to pulling Jude’s shirt over his head. Korben dropped his trackies to reveal a posing pouch, and the comparisons continued.

His friends were BBs too – but Dave and I train weights for acrobatics and gymnastics, so the other four were all considerably more developed than us – we would say over developed. Anyway, we all got down to the serious business of lifting weights, and the ‘ice’ slowly melted.


Korben is a car salesman, in the family business. There is clearly a lot of money around – he said he been ‘given’ the house by his parents – I believe him – and lives there alone. His whole life, outside selling cars, has been spent on bodybuilding and coming to terms with being gay, which he says his parents acknowledge but do not approve of. Same as Jude, there, then.


Korben’s weights basement also hints at plenty of money. He claimed to have ‘1000 pounds’ of weights – I would say there were many more: in addition, two multi-station resistance machines probably costing thousands of dollars each plus all the usual benches and whatnot. His friends train there regularly, just as ours do with us. Certainly the remaining clothes got discarded as the sweat developed – but we do that anyway and so does Jude, training with my son Leo and the other lads. A tough workout followed, though Jude, Dave and I using each others as human ‘benches’ seemed to be a novel idea to the others.


To give the lad his due, Korben seemed genuinely embarrassed by his previous suggestion of how the two of them should meet up, and hadn’t considered the alarm bells that would ring. We allowed things to progress to some gentle -shall we say – self-induced gay relaxation at the end, but no further. Boys will, after all, be boys. And then we delivered the message we had agreed to bring with us.


“No further contact” until Korben presents himself to Jude’s parents and discusses openly his feelings for Jude.

Dave and I insisted that our involvement must end here. In fact, meeting with Jude’s parents, we think they’re out of their depth. They already had issues with an older girl – now married – and they don’t understand their son, his affection for bodybuilding, nor his very openly gay sexuality. But it is their problem. May seem unkind, but we don’t wish to get involved any further. Jude is already awkward with us – and with the rest of the younger lads he trains with at our place – resenting the “interference”. But, as a number of correspondents have concurred, there is danger out there, and parents ultimately are responsible. They cannot unload that responsibility onto us just because we, too are gay. Because we share a home with the two lesbian mothers of our kids, all “happy families”, maybe we’re seen as a soft touch.

But that’s it – we’re out of this matter now. We’ve reported back that we actually quite like the guy and he seems genuine – someone whom, in other circumstances, we might encourage to join our circle of mostly-gay fitness freaks. But this is not our problem, Mr and Mrs X: we didn’t make your son gay, and we didn’t find his alleged true love on the internet either!

‘Parting is such sweet sorrow…’ – but, for now, that’s their lot.

‘Over to you, parents!’ I hope this doesn’t seem as mean as maybe it sounds.

And now, as ever, I turn this post over to a further gallery of fitness stuff, and promise that this subject (as newspaper letters editors used to say) is now closed.













Let me just remind of the raison d’etre for this blog – those books:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…and then finish with a group of great gymnasts…


…or, at least, a great group of gymnasts!

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6 Responses to All Done with the Chaperoning! Back to the Day Job…

  1. Alan says:

    I agree with you about this situation you were currently involved in. You more than did your share and it is now time for the young man to discuss the manner with his parents. You were a bridge that spanned both sides and now the son and his parents must meet somewhere on that span. As a former teacher and coach, I was often in similar circumstances. It naturally came with the job! Miss my career, but was time to retire at a middle age and work on my novel in progress! Hey, your blog has got me working out more! Take care.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Ah, your novel! Yes, I remember, and I’m waiting…!
      Just started the publication process for my fourth – Let The Future Find Me – again with a UK publisher ‘cos I am still a Brit… but this time, one which distributes properly in USA too, since the book is about a Native American lad.


      • Alan says:

        The novel is the story of a15 year old high school boy named Max. He lives with his mom, a doctor, and his younger brother in the Pacific Northwest. Max is a state championship swimmer and loves working out. He befriends, Ben, the new boy in school one February day, and they instantly become buddies. Later that Spring a hike Ben kisses Max!!! …….still writing …don’t want to give away too much….actually enjoy editing process as well. Thanks for asking, Tony!

  2. Platinumboy says:

    Could you do something for us “foot fans”, as you are one?

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