As I Said Last Time – Back to the Day Job…

….which means training other people in gymnastics and fitness, and training ourselves to keep up with them!


That generally means working up a sweat: in winter, perhaps just the forehead…


…in summer, the heat helps to produce just a little more…


…as do certain sports…


Wrestling is quite effective…



…but, for the ultimate sweat, if you’re a boxer or fighter needing to lose weight quickly, try a sparring session in a waterproof hoodie!

12I don’t subscribe to post videos here, but you can watch this 17-sec exhibition by clicking here. Off comes Alex’s hoodie, then the tee-shirt, and then, for the big finish, he wrings out about a pint of sweat from the shirt!


Of course, there are other ways of getting sweaty, such as being a skinny singer in a boiling-hot venue…


…but we’d rather do it building a bit of muscle and/or going for a run, like these guys…!





Here’s another boxer, definitely sweating, but the photographer seems to be chucking water at him as well:


Of course, after the workout, a nice cool shower is definitely what you need!


cover1-thumbcover-3-thumbcover2-thumbSo, back to the day job, then. Not writing these books shown here – that was a ‘night job’ I suppose, trying to bring in a little extra money (depends heavily on you guys taking the bait, of course…. hint!). No , at the moment it is coaching gymnasts, with some summer acrobatics classes waiting over the horizon. For now, then, I’ll finish with one or two gymnastics pictures.




And for today’s finale, Nile Wilson, one of the UK’s Rio boys: we had the opportunity to meet him a while back. Kewl!


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