A Turn of Events


Well, who would have thought it? I think I mentioned that Dave and I were feeling we were in a ‘rut’ and needed some time out. No sooner thought about – inconclusively – when in comes an e-mail from a blog reader. Not just any old reader, but one recommended to visit by a friend of ours in Oxford UK called Roger. The friend is a gay property developer with connections around Europe, and is investing in a project. I thought that it as a scam at first.

Having been told that Dave and I were ‘Ideal for the job’, we find ourselves about to embark on an expenses-paid trip to… well, all I can say at this point is ‘southern Europe’… to see if the feeling is mutual and the prospects are all that they seem. It is significant that we are Brits, and are going to have to make a decision on something rather urgently – before the British Prime Minister activates the so-called ‘Article 50’ to take the UK out of the EU – in order to secure certain rights of employment, shall we say…

Frankly, it all sounds too good to be true but, were it not for family over here in TN, not least our fantastic 15-year-old kids, the decision would be maybe be easier. And we would be a few thousand miles nearer to our parents in UK, who may come to rely on us more as they (and we!) grow older…

Stay, or go? Wrench either way. Our wonderful Tuan Jie gay friends… amazing private gym…

And anyway, it may not all be it is made out to be. We’ve got the tickets – all paid for – and we can break our journey home in UK for a parental visit as well. So many other things outside ‘family’ to consider, too – those lovely groups of kids we train, both at the gym center and privately, along with what life in America is going to be like under Trump compared with what’s left of the EU…

…so posting may just get a bit erratic for a while. Bear with me, if you will!


On another matter entirely, today is WORLD BOOK DAY. So, if you haven’t bought my books (and watch out, the fourth is now accepted by the publisher!!), what better day could there be to do the decent thing? Click on the covers, where they appear, for a direct link to the publisher, or search for me on Amazon if you want e-books!

And now, some random inspirational images for you:















OK. Only time to upload one more right now. Two guys – could be in southern Europe! Let’s see whether we might be joining them…



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2 Responses to A Turn of Events

  1. Mike Evans says:

    If it’s in Madeira, give me a shout!
    I’ve recently moved out there, so can give an insight and have lots of info, both on the Island on on the general bureaucracy in Portugal!

    • tonycavanagh says:

      I’m afraid it isn’t, but thanks for the offer. However, the second part of your remark may well be relevant. Guess we’ll have to drop by for a beer sometime!!

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