Imagine a Butterfly…

…that’s what this place is becoming known as, in the local language.

We’re checking out a seriously interesting offer of a new job. So far, things are looking good, but there remain a lot of questions!

First, let’s have an “in the sun” pictures theme this morning, since the sun is blazing down out of a clear blue sky before 8am, and the local temperature is heading for 25C today – a comfortable 76F for our American friends back home in TN to contemplate. We’re about to go for a swim in the ocean!!

Might even get time to work on our tans, like this guy…

So, the butterfly! Imagine a butterfly with wings spread wide. each ‘wing’ is a private vacation resort, joined at the ‘body of the butterfly by so-called “common service buildings” – resident staff accommodation, kitchens (serving restaurants with different themes on either side and, behind that, an auditorium (open air) accessible from either ‘wing’ according to the nature of the show being presented. Evening entertainment. Acrobats, fakirs, magicians, local music…

The ‘themes’ planned by the owning consortium probably reflect their decision to contact us via a chain of ‘friend of a friends’. On the right, a family theme. Pools, gym with ‘classes’ for kids (tumbling, simple acrobatic fun, maybe trapeze)… “FKK welcome” which means they are also going to target naturist families. In other words, there will be areas (and a separate pool) with “clothing optional”. Targetting the German, Scandi and Dutch markets, where naturism is regarded as pretty normal, but obviously anyone else who enjoys the sun, of which there is a pretty-much guaranteed supply here for most of the year.

On the left, “adults only” and an obviously quieter environment. Again a pool, a gym (more focussed on the workout fraternity); again with extensive clothing optional areas. And the interesting thing – the carefully targetted advertising will make very clear that gay and lesbian guests are very welcome. Apparently this has all been put in front of the local authorities who seem ‘kewl’ with the plans so long as the naturism is confined within the walls and so long as sufficient local labour is employed.

So far, only the common services section is finished. We’ve been shown a serviced apartment which would be ours, cost free. Every apartment on the place will have a secluded balcony facing south, but the top floors are different. Instead of a balcony there is an internal staircase to the roof providing a totally private area for sunbathing, eating outside and even sleeping under the stars in high summer. Two bedrooms, private guests welcome to stay with us…

We would work on ‘both sides of the divide’, being first asked to be responsible for design and equipping the gyms, given that for much of the year more than half of each one would be open air with (for example) the free weights being trolleyed over so that people can work out in the sun. Issues of sun-damage to rubber-covered weights and floor coverings to be thought about, as well as dealing with the occasional but inevitable rain on the latter. Later, deliver training advice and supervision, including sessions for kids. Separately, be responsible for the auditorium schedule, performing ourselves for example but also bring in suitable entertainers during the season. Lot’s of scope there if we can get the auditorium equipped with trapezes and all our usual stuff.

Too good to be true? Probably, yes. But it is obvious that this complex is definitely going to happen. A huge building workforce is on the job as I type this.

Essentially, we would be ‘management’. Hands-on management, but with additional responsibilities relating to staffing. Not directly responsible for pools or lifeguarding, but able to take a turn if needed. The plan for that though is to target the locals. Manage the rotas for supervision (obviously it needs more folks than just us to deliver all of these things). Free meals (but obviously we can also cater for ourselves if we prefer), seclusion when we need time to ourselves, a minimum one full day off per week during the season…

One of the guys involved in financing the project joked with us about “not having to work naked in the clothing optional area”. Jokingly (I think), Dave responded “OK, would Speedos and a baseball cap marked ‘staff’ be acceptable?”, and the guy said ‘Sure – you want to design something for you and the pool boys?‘ I admit that I had a vision of having to wear blazers and slacks like Butlins redcoats, and am mightily relieved that, with these people, it seems to be “do your job and be happy at the same time”.  Of course, there are still plenty other issues to get our heads around, but I must say we are starting to like this concept a lot, and the local people seem very nice.

A couple of miles away, a super beach (we’re heading there now as we don’t have another meeting till lunchtime). A bit odd in that it needs a little ferry boat across an inlet to reach it – in the summer they charge 75 Eurocents return for that but a local guy is coming with us and says he’ll either find us a free ride or we’ll just swim it!

There are a lot of ex-pat Brits enjoying their retirements here, but I guess we can live with that!

So, a huge amount to think about – not least our family back in USA. And, as correspondent Carl has pointed out, plenty of small print to read!

Here’s some larger print you could read…

Now let’s enjoy some more guys enjoying the open air! Starting with Ed Upcott on Mallorca:

“Pop-up” acrobatics by the pool(s)? There’s an idea we could develop, too…

Ah! Speedo under a blue sky… could be us before long…

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