Taking the Plunge…

…and hoping that we’ve made the right decision!

Praying to the Gods might just help!

So Dave and I have accepted jobs (identical, or joint, however you want to put it) on a new vacation development in southern Europe (the owners want to announce the location themselves in a few weeks, so I can’t). We shall be in charge of two things:

(i) Design, equip and manage two gym/fitness complexes including provision of classes;

(ii) Provision of entertainments on six evenings per week in a dedicated open-air [audience] auditorium, three per week for each ‘side’ of the complex, [one side caters for families, the other for adult groups and will be marketed as LGTB friendly]. This also includes participating in the design of the stage area to allow mounting of trapezes and so forth, the option of “acrobatic/fakir shows” being enthusiastically accepted on to the Agenda alongside music and other entertainments such as magicians. Although not a specific condition, participating ourselves will clearly be an option, along with our like-minded acrobatic mates/family. Ethan and Jack are already asking to have the first ‘residency’ and reckon they could do lunchtime entertainments in the nearby town or beach-front street entertainment to boost their income!

That guy on the base there is clearly a fit ‘oldie’ – good for him. There’s hope for us yet…

We shall be starting work on the procurement of gym equipment right away, working from here in US by internet etc. We have to be on site from mid-April for six weeks, and will then honour our US summer-camp commitments for the following six weeks, working with our kids and their close friends, before returning to Europe to take up ‘permanent’ residence in the rather splendid apartment which comes with the package, rent-free and serviced and with a huge roof area for sun loungers, eating outdoors, sleeping under the stars, and so forth. Living on the job can have drawbacks, like being called on in an emergency if other staff go awol, and we are accepting to be ‘on call’ one night per week in case of guest emergencies. Can live with that… especially in return for access to this…

The weather here in TN is currently foul. -6C (21F) outside as I write this at 7am, although rising to about 9C later. Where we’re going, right now it is in the mid-teens Celsius (up to a modest 60F) but generally enjoys a hot and sunny climate with (mercifully) low humidity for nine months of the year. Getting away from the summer humidity in TN will be a huge bonus for us Brits: could never get used to that even after 17 years here. And we definitely won’t need to train in the snow!

Working days can be spent like this…

…or even in just ‘staff’ Speedos, in common with the pool boys and lifeguards (there will be three pools altogether): just need somewhere to clip a badge and a radio! Matching baseball caps may be available as well.

It will have a naturist zone on the family side, catering for the large Nordic and German enthusiasm for baring all in the sun, with dedicated pool and sunbathing areas separate from a ‘clothed’ zone: on the ‘adult’ side, catering for gays and whatnot, there will be a large ‘clothing optional’ zone too which will include that gym. Definitely a place for ‘getting back to nature’…

Unwise sun exposure will probably be the No.1 issue for the shared medical centre: as in TN in high summer, the sun gets pretty intense at mid-day.

So, all in all, we seem to have fallen on our feet with the opportunity to do what we love to do, dressed the way we love to be, and to get paid for it.

The Down Side. Lots of issues, really.

No. 1: family. Our 15 yos and their mums. Long talks the last two days. Leo was clear: ‘Go for it, Dad. Don’t worry, we’ll be coming over all the time!’ Well, with school, he’ll find that difficult, unless he migrates over to us in Europe and becomes employed instead of being in school. Jaymee likewise. Our close Tuan Jie friends also support the move. ‘After all, Ethan and Jack were away nearly two years, you’ll be coming back from time to time, your membership of the gym here is for life, and you’re going to invite us all over for vacations!’

It is true we can have guests in our staff accommodation (two bedrooms and the couch always available!) and they can use the resort facilities for free – just pay for food taken in the guest restaurants. I guess they’ll be waiting in line (I’d call it a queue but I’m British!) quite soon…

‘…and anyway, won’t you be engaging us for the shows?’

Well, certainly. Not just them of course: we’ll be in contact with pretty much everyone we’ve ever performed with, and scouring the Agencies for Europe-based acts. Don’t apply yet… first things first, and the auditorium won’t be completed until after the first half of the complex (family side) has been opened!

The beach, of course, is always ready and is just a couple of miles away by shuttle transport!

Other deciding factors (speaking as a Brit) include getting away from the packaged, hormone-impregnated, over-carbohydrated, sugar-coated diet so beloved of the US in favour of REAL fresh European food, although the US diet doesn’t seen to have done much harm to this guy’s waistline…

Getting away from Trump is on the list, too (slight worries about how to keep our USA work visas valid when out of the country are on the list of ‘must-do’s, since we might want to come back and take up our former family lives again). There is a share of the present house to consider, too: the girls assure us of a welcome if we return, and also insist that the rest of their purchase loan can be managed without further contributions from us. Legally it is complex but, on a personal level, no-one really cares… theoretically we would own about 20% of it if ever sold.

Maybe writing books was easier! Here’s the customary commercial! Book 4 (unrelated to the other three) is in preparation and has no cover as yet, so just keep a mental note of the title: LET THE FUTURE FIND ME.

And now, may the fitness force be with you…

And, back in the great outdoors, pop-up acrobatics by the pool, anyone? (We’re probably up for that in the new job!)…

I’ll finish for today with a wrestling club changing area, conveniently equipped with climbing ropes for a bit of strength building. See you next time.




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