Meanwhile, In Other News…

Tired of hearing about our forthcoming move to Europe? Yeah, me too!

Let’s talk about The Donald instead. ‘Groan’. OK, but this is something we shall be glad to get away from! All these Tweets! I ask you!

We don’t tweet. You may have noticed that. Who cares that I just had cornflakes and a banana for breakfast? We’ve better ways of spending our time. Now I was always under the impression that US presidents had their mobile devices taken off them for the duration of their presidency. Not so Trump, obviously.

Here’s such a device put to better use:

The intelligence agency in our home country, UK, is called GCHQ. The President says they were spying on him at Obama’s request. They say they were not. Know which side I’m inclined to believe? Not the side that claimed there was a big terrorist incident in Sweden, which left the Swedes looking around puzzled to see what terrorist incident they had overlooked! ‘Look what happened last night in Sweden! In SWEDEN!!!!!’ For goodness sake, does the man understand the difference between reality and dreams?

Cue two loving guys in bed (if not actually sleeping!):

He’s definitely not dreaming!

At least Trump’s crazy exclusion order has been stopped in its tracks again. Last time it was ‘By a so-called judge.’ This time it is two more “so-called” judges. Good for them. We think the man’s insane. Of all the shooter/terrorist incidents in the US since 9/11 (about 205 according to one count), three were perpetrated by Muslims. Just three. Most of them are down to trigger-happy redneck weirdos allowed guns in this insane place. The cowboy mentality prevails.

And don’t get me started on the Bible Belt…

OK. Enough of a rant. But perhaps enough to reveal why our decision to break with the UK – and our US family – at least for a while, seems like a good lifestyle choice. Where we’re going – and where the family will frequently join us – everyone wants just to get along and have a good time in the sun. And there are plenty of immigrants… mainly Brits, it has to be admitted!

Let’s just get along with some more fitness impressions, plus the occasional plug for someone’s books…

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