A Taste of Things To Come

We’re busy designing one of these!

A gym with an open-air section. Actually, we’re designing two of them. Weights which won’t rust, a floor which won’t go soggy with the occasional shower, benches which won’t crack up in the sun… interesting. And we need the weight rack to be mobile…

Just got the budget confirmed this morning. About twice what we thought!! So we’ll add mats for a wrestle area to the adult side. Just for fun!

Dress code for staff also confirmed as either standard shorts or Speedos, according to taste/weather. Lifeguards and pool boys the same. So we get to spend our time in great weather, mainly outdoors, in Speedos. Who could ask for more of this new posting, I wonder (see previous posts for details!).

So this time, we shall celebrate Speedos. And the great guys inside them, of course.

Speedos do have other uses:

Cooldown time…

Beach wrestlers…

This one’s more a posing pouch…

And finally, Russian “Speedos” are – well – a bit long. But here’s three of them anyway:

I notice that Russian boys (and those in nearby countries), seem to regard their underwear as suitable substitutes for swimwear, and appear comfortably in their underwear in public. I seem to have loads of pics lined up in which feature underwear rather than swimwear, – so, maybe next time…


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