Holy Ghost? Holy Moses!

For today’s pictures, we’ll head back to the gym:

For today’s story, I refer to the surprising difficulty (it seems) in opening a Euro bank account these days.

It doesn’t help being 4000 miles away from the bank in question, but our new employing organisation is trying to pay us a start on our salaries (as we are working on the new project while still here in TN) and it will be in Euros, and we will need to spend it in Euros without having to move money between countries (and losing that inevitable few per cent in the process!). My first bank account in UK was easy. That was before the days of money laundering regulations, and the account is happily alive and well. Our USA accounts were easy because our mate Gary was working in the bank at the time, and smoothed the process.

This time, EU rules apply! Say no more. They’ll accept copies of our passports until we can present ourselves in person (i.e. before they will let us take money out) – that’s OK by us – but they want evidence of residence in Portugal! And that’s before we go there, so a bit tricky. The company is doing its best by showing them a contract with the address of our unfinished apartment on it, so fingers crossed. We don’t speak the language as yet (possibly never!), but there are so many English ex-pat retirees in the area that most locals have learned English. There is a lighter side: the bank is known as the “Commercial and Holy Spirit” bank. No joking. So you have to laugh a little bit!

Let’s work off our frustration with a little more lifting:

Work up a sweat – always good…

Then, a bit of work on the bar…

…before our barbell curls…

…and breaks another sweat! Check out the results while taking a locker-room break…

…and then back for some more?

More leg lifts: hope the bolts securing the bar to the wall are in good shape…

Barbell curls are very popular tonight…

“Let’s compare what we’ve achieved…”

Another way…

“Maybe I need a bit more work on the abs…” – basic sit-ups are fine…

Cable pulls now…

…great for biceps and triceps…

…ok, he needs to do a lot of work, but he’s doing all the right things! On to the pec dec… to save facebook blushes, I have savaged this picture, but let’s say he was doing it our way…

…as you can see here! But since Facebook (mirror blog) threatened to break the link to this blog when I posted one single naked picture ‘in the best possible taste’, we’ve had to keep – erm – the meat in the sandwich for our own lunch, as it were.

OK, a finale after I remind eager browsers to support this blog by promoting my books about gay love and sporting adventure with the circus and some nastier folks…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…available in print and e-reader form.

3 happy lifters sharing the moment: something we shall be hoping to share with countless holidaymakers in the months to come! But why doesn’t the middle guy get rid of his shirt? “In the name of the Holy Spirit…”

Nice gym, though!

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