So Much to Do… So Little Time!

We’ve only got until the end of the Easter break to organise ourselves for the fist six weeks in the new job in Portugal! And there is just so much going on – not least designing two new gyms and ordering equipment. sorting out our existing lives is far more problematical!

Take yesterday, Saturday. Most of he lads who exercise here on school days (before school) come a bit later on a Saturday. it was rather warm yesterday, so they (and we) hauled a lot of the weights  and whatnot on to the grass I the yard (and made sure everyone was wearing at least trunks since we are a little overlooked. Chris, Leo, Jaymee and Karla (I know, I called everyone ‘lads’, but forgive me!) were practicing their routines ready for the forthcoming summer camp gigs. Chris, Theo and Errol were hard at work on weights, with us. Two regulars missing – Ryan and Tjark, were at a wrestle meet.

Then I remembered that our four 10yo trainees, the twins plus their two friends, were due as well for a session… that made thirteen of us doing either weights or acrobatics in the spring sunshine.

Everyone getting very sweaty, and rather a lot of grass clippings attached – Clare and Karen did the ‘first cut of the season’ yesterday. So warm that kindly neighbour four houses down decided to open his pool for the season and wandered down to invite everyone to celebrate the grand opening. No-one needed to be asked twice!

Just then, Jude arrived. That’s the gay Canadian lad who has joined the young trainers regularly since his family first arrived here. The same lad who ‘hitched’ up with a gay internet admirer and caused us a lot of pain. Well, that ‘internet admirer’ (Korben) – another bodybuilder like Jude – was about to arrive to spend the rest of the weekend (perhaps a little awkwardly) with Jude and his family. And, indeed, promptly did arrive with us. Anything to delay the difficult discussions with Jude’s parents, I guess. So now fifteen of us crowded into the somewhat cool pool, to the delight of the elderly owners. And then we had to set about removing a load of grass cuttings from blocking the filters.

Then, with Jude and Korben off for a formal parental lunch (and perhaps to figure out their overnight sleeping arrangements in the family home – we didn’t ask), Dave and I escaped to the gymnastics center where we shall continue to teach right up until the last day before our departure.

Saturday evening found us in the private gym for a weekend ‘reunion’ with most of the Tuan Jie group. Do I need to elaborate? Surely not, by now! Leon and Dane over-nighting with us, and then back to the private gym for a morning training, where we found Korben and Jude (looking very pleased with themselves) training ferociously with the other tyro bodybuilders. And that led to wrestling…

Korben also showed up with Jude this morning for before-school training in our cabin, after which he headed back to Knoxville for work as a car salesman. He seems to have been accepted by Jude’s parents as a safe companion for their gay son, and I do wonder whether our earlier interventions really made any difference. Korben has also been offered full membership of our private gym based on his obvious dedication to fitness. So I think there’ll be a lot more “Korben and Jude” stories to hear about once we’re on the other side of the Atlantic.

Right now, Dave and I are thinking more about our own situation than the issues of Korben and Jude. What to take, what to leave? What to do about our share of this house once we go back permanently after the summer-camp gigs here in the US? Maintaining contact with our fast-growing kids (actually, keeping them away may be the problem!)…

…and, not least, a book in publication with lots of interaction with the publishers. Meanwhile, the first three:

OK. On with the picture show!

And to finish, a built lad straight from the shower. Enjoy!

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