Four – The Perfect Number

I always think that four is the ideal number for guys training together. In our case, very long-term friends, all dedicated to maintaining their fitness, knowing and respecting each others abilities and achievements. I thin that I’ve written before about one of our methods of working the bench press: one making the bench, one lifting, one spotting and one ‘recovering’. Continuous work, everyone going round maybe ten times.

I think that set of guys are Russian – feeling ‘kewl’ in their underpants for training! Don’t think that would go down too well in public here in USA, or in most of Europe either! Of course, we favor our private training comfortable ‘in our skins’. In the private gym we’re so fortunate to be members of, that means starting with a good shower out of respect for one another. After that, getting sweaty is the ‘reward’ for the effort we put in, and I thin everyone positively enjoys the feel of sweaty bodies in contact (it does help to be gay, I suppose!).

After a few hours of resistance machines – two pairs on adjacent machines, swopping back and forth – we usually finish off with some fun wrestling – if anything is going to share our sweat around, that certainly will!

There’s definitely a shared sense of pride about the effort put in and the rewards achieved! And in our case, as four gay friends closely liked within a ‘safe’ grouping, other activities can follow once we pass through to the more private section of the building!

We had just such a morning on Sunday with our friends down from Lexington, Leon and Dane. After returning to our place for a traditional lunch prepared by Clare as usual (we’re going to miss those when we move to Europe!), we were contemplating a lazy afternoon in the yard when we received a text from Cody asking if we would like to sahre a little bit of ‘friendly’ S & M with him and Adge before taking a swim in the river. That’s something else we’re going to miss – the S & M, not the swim! I admit that we shared a bit of stretching and beating before a great swim and an attempt to eat at Cody’s barbecue (difficult after that lunch).

All of which served to remind us what Dave and I are giving up by relocating to Europe. Still, time for a new adventure I guess.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And now, with a reminder to check out those books, let’s move on to general fitness imagery as usual!

A final foursome (fr today)…


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