Quick Gallery Post before Today’s Packing…

As our personal countdown to a new job in Europe continues, time for a quick collection of fitness images to keep the message on the top of your agenda! I read yesterday that running for one hour adds an average seven hours to your life! Lifting keeps you strong while stretching and calisthenics keeps you agile. What are you waiting for?

Two Russian acrobats stretch in their backyard:

…while another makes use of the parallel bars:

Wrestling is a great sport for all-round fitness;

…inside, or out:

Diving develops gymnastic skills too:

…whilst this lifter’s results are obvious:

Many ‘strength’ gyms include gymnastic apparatus for all-round development:

Innovative use of the punchbag:

A guy working on his agility as well:

Combining weight training with balance…

Make use of a partner:

…yep, can’t beat working with a partner, as I’m always saying…

Said it in these, too:

…and not forgetting that there’s another one due out in a few months… something rather different!

(That’s a mock-up cover and the words on the back side [left] are gibberish at present)

To finish today, some examples of a ‘good result’!



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