Last Orders…

Dave and I just finished our final session with twins Stevie and Josh, both of whom are looking very powerful and can do one-arm balances on our upraised arms… with Alvin and Bryce, their ‘also-10-yo’ friends not far behind. Job done, and handed over to Leo and Jaymee for the future work, with Zach and Ivo supervising the sessions. Now awaiting our “last supper” – well, last Sunday lunch anyway – before our departure.

Filing in the time with one last post from Tennessee – at least, for the next six weeks. This evening will certainly be too busy to contemplate ‘screen time’ – ‘last rites’ at the private gym (actually clearly a ‘hazing’ to validate our life membership!). And first thing tomorrow – airport.

Here’s a funny picture of Russian lifters who have been enjoying a sweaty time together, as we do. But we don’t have an older coach wearing Wellington boots in any gym we frequent! …

… and where we’re going in Southern Europe, our ‘gym coach’ attire will be very different – max shorts, usually ‘company’ Speedos and most frequently, outdoors.


Dave and I had a wonderful start to our last full day here. We slept in a bit, and with the normal teens training transferred to the private gym later in the day, expected our two offspring to do the same. Not so. We were awakened with breakfast in bed and our respective kids telling us how much they loved us. Absolutely hadn’t expected that, and already feeling guilty about leaving them. In my books I wrote about the decision we were originally faced with when we were asked to be fathers – either no subsequent contact, or the full father thing. We chose the second option, and we are so, so grateful that we did.

So, tears on all fronts. I’m not ashamed to say. We asked if they would hate us for leaving them. No, they wouldn’t, After all they are 15 and in a couple of years their wings will spread for sure. And, if we are not mistaken and if our new job works out, they’ll be in Portugal whenever they get the chance!

Did I say books? If this new job doesn’t work out, I will be dependent on the pitiful royalty income. So spread the word, guys, and sell me a few more. Please!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Anyway: No time to write more clever stuff: a late lunch beckons (thanks, Clare!) and a full evening to follow. We’re all packed, I think, and two cars are up for sale…

…so just enjoy the fitness pictures which follow, and we’ll be in touch from a new base very shortly! As they say – ‘making tracks’…

We can live with the other invitation there, I guess. Here’s something else you can ‘wear’ around your waist:

That’s some pretty tough dips there – great exercise for the shoulders, pecs and arms. Not to mention the upper back.

Finally, before a couple of days interruption to normal service (!), the power of partnerships: in training…

…and the rest!

See you on ‘the other side’…

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