First Day at The ‘Misfits Motel’!

…that’s Dave’s nickname for our new residence – a little unfair, I feel! We arrived to the local train station mid-day yesterday feeling seriously jet-lagged, to be met by two smiling local lads (‘Alf’ and ‘Seb’, who are our first two ‘staff’ members) and my old schoolmate Roger, who has had a lot to do with getting the directors of this enterprise together and basically recommended me and Dave for the joint jobs of managing gyms and entertainments.

(Yes, I’ll keep the fitness inspiration going…)

We weren’t expecting Roger, but it turns out that he and his wife Ellie are our first guests in ‘our’ apartment, staying until the weekend (which is fantastic). Ellie was already sunning herself on our private roof terrace, to Alf’s slight embarrassment when he quickly rustled up some coffee in ‘our’ kitchen and came up the stairs – Ellie, like us, is a naturist fan when she gets the chance! Alf and Seb (they’re both 19 by the way) are going to have to get used to naturists since this new ‘club’ offers ‘clothes optional’ to both families (on one side) and to adult couples and groups  (on the other).

We are ‘in the middle’ in a small ‘staff and guests’ accommodation block. As we arrived in the elevator, a guy was just commissioning the WiFi which (as you will gather) works well in our apartment and is separated from the main site guest WiFi which could become overloaded. There are two apartments on the top floor: we have one, and the other is for VIP guests. Each has access to a totally private roof terrace in addition to the normal balconies afforded to every other apartment on the site. Hills to the rear, sea view to the front (south) where the balcony is. Below us on three floors, accommodation for special guests such as entertainers, whose toing and froing we shall be managing when the auditorium is finished and when guests start arriving – entertainers like these:

…and (occasionally) maybe ourselves and our old mates. Ethan and Jack are already asking for a residency!”

Yesterday, apart from being taken to meet two of the directors (a Russian and a German) we were told just to relax and sleep off the trip. Today, with our clocks at least partially re-set, and accompanied by Alf and Seb, we set off to see to our delivered gym equipment.

The complex so far is still, officially, a building site, so we had to wear hi-vis vests and hard hats to reach the first gym. But our clothing suggestions for ‘normal’ work have certainly been met: on each side of our chosen wide double bed we each found six pairs of ‘company’ Speedos, six pairs of gymnastic-style shorts, three pairs of ‘combat shorts, three vests and three ‘muscle’ tops, plus two ‘fleece’ jackets – all in house colour (burgundy ) and marked ‘STAFF’ – so we shall not need to be at the washing machine every day, that’s for sure!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, with ‘clothing optional’ areas on both sides of this complex and a very favourable climate, it is going to be minimal Speedos most of the time for us! Perfect for a quick dip in the pool when we get a moment…

…none of ‘our’ pools is actually operational at the moment, but the sea is in easy reach!

So today we spent a lot of time checking out the first gym (family side) and unpacking and assembling the first delivery of the equipment. All going well, and it is becoming clear how we can manage the open-air part of it and still protect the equipment on the rare occasions during the holiday season when it rains. Cloudy today, actually – rather a disappointment! The flooring in the ‘exposed’ section is brilliant, and is similar on half of our private roof terrace (the rest is flagstones) – there’s even a barbecue up there as well as sun loungers, table and chairs and.. (now wouldn’t you have expected this) some additional lifting equipment that we specified and paid for ourselves – dumbbells, bars and free weights, a bench and a rack for the bars…

(By the way, if you need to arch your back to lift the weight like that guy, then it is too heavy for you!)

So, generally, all looking very good so far. We continue to be surprised by the amount of ‘free’ stuff in the apartment (which comes rent-free with the job) – great TV system with huge number of English-language channels, cooking equipment and fridge-freezer in the kitchen if we choose not to eat the free meals from the site restaurant (none available yet, but next week they start trying out their recipes…)

…and, in a few minutes, Roger and Ellie are treating us to their favourite local restaurant, so I need to add a few more pictures quick. More news next time.

Tomorrow, Seb is going into Vila Real looking for MDF board and as many six-inch nails as you can get in these parts – we’re manufacturing new ‘show equipment’ in our spare time as it seems we are likely to be asked to do ‘impromptu’ performances poolside until the proper auditorium for evening shows is ready…

…so I guess the training for our fakir stuff and for this sort of thing has followed us across the Atlantic…

OK – I’m being yelled at to be ready in five minutes, so no book adverts toady – just a few more fitness pictures…

I’m being physically dragged towards the door ‘before the restaurant closes’ – one more…

…and uploading this actually in the restaurant, to Ellie’s disgust…

…back soon!


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2 Responses to First Day at The ‘Misfits Motel’!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The picture 10th from the bottom offers a rather unique pose. Can you still do that? Also, to get a picture of the views of this resort, is the beach accessible/viewable from the resort? Is it also clothing optional?

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    To be honest, we do struggle a bit with that one now! In answer to the other questions, the beach is about three miles away, but visible from our new home, and, no, it is not clothing optional (rare in Portugal). The resort is going to offer shuttle buses, I think, and a little ferry will also be involved in accessing the best sands. Perhaps not the best arrangement, but you can’t have everything perfect I guess!

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