2720… oops, no: 3060!

Note added 22/04/2017 – woke up realising that I can’t do maths. Counted 340 short. I’ve altered the numbers in the main text!!

3060… a big number which has flummoxed the local hardware outlets! Ponder on that one for a moment while I bring you up to date on what is now our fourth day ‘on site’ at the new job. Work just over for the day…

Without local lads Alfredo and Sebastien (not sure how he spells that in Portuguese) I think that we would be completely flummoxed as well. They are the first members of our ‘staff’ to be appointed – while most of the site here is still covered in builders, they’re not going to bring more in – since there won’t be any holidaymakers here just yet, for the same reason, that makes sense. But they have guided us through registering with the tax authorities, confirming our identities and residence here with the bank (so we can start to get hold of our own money!) and explained how one registers and insures a car (Seb’s father runs a garage, surprise, surprise!). All that and more, as well as getting on with fitting out our first gym.

There’ll be no shortage of dumbbells, for a start.

…each one individually wrapped, as if it were a wineglass. So much packaging! Assembling racks and resistance machines for gym no 1, which is on the ‘family’ side of the enterprise, so we have a lot of ‘kiddie gymnastics’ stuff to unpack and assemble as well. The logistics of having 50% of the gym open air (in fair weather), while protecting the machines (particularly) from the occasional rain that occurs even here and then everything from the more usual sun, has been a challenge, but our plan seems to work out, considering that we had only seen an empty shell and then submitted the suggested designs from 4000 miles away!

But we’re all ‘worked out’, I think – in all senses of the phrase. Especially the young lads, who need to be trained to supervise the equipment. They tell us that their sports (up to now) are swimming, football and ‘fighting’ – which appears to mean boxing on the beach. ‘Now we become bodybuilders!’ says Seb. We’ll see!

Roger and Ellie remain here in our guest bedroom until tomorrow. Roger, who is a freidn from schooldays in Oxford and some kind of financial ‘facilitator’ in London, basically got us the job after being involved in getting investors together, not only from UK but particularly Russia, Germany and Finland, apparently, which is where this place is going to be marketed in a kind of ‘exclusive’ way. The initial focus will be on Russians – I hope they speak enough English (or maybe German, which I can just about manage): ‘management’ is discussing the potential opening date right now for the ‘family’ half, with the rest to follow after.

So, all going well towards a sunny summer: and the season here can last pretty much all year, as it always so much warmer and sunnier in winter than the northern climes of Europe.

So: to 2720… well, the clue lies in our other responsibility – organising evening entertainment for the future auditorium along with ‘pop-up’ exhibitionism around the pool areas from time to time. Readers of the books will be well aware of some of things we have gotten up to in our murky past (and readers of this blog too)…

…acrobatic entertainment, and also some ventures in fakirism, mostly exploiting simple physics to sustain what the innocent bystanders would consider to be ‘orrible torture  (of course, nothing of the kind – we’re not daft… well, not entirely…).

A ‘standard’ bed of nails has nails at 1½-inch centres (I can now use UK spellings again!!!!!!!), so our standard bed at 5’6″ x 2’0″ needs 45 in each row lengthways and 17 across, if you do the maths (UK spelling there, too). That’s 765 per bed and, since we need to normal ones and one double-sided one for our normal routines, that’s 3060 six-inch nails to be hammered through slightly undersized pre-drilled holes in the MDF after it’ has been painted. The double one is two single ones bolted back to back, and the single ones have an additional MDF backing to secure the nail heads. Add carrying handles…job done. Except that it isn’t, because our regional hardware supplies went white when asked for that many nails! Fortunately, Alf went over to talk to the builders on site, and I think we’re going to find a large box waiting for us in the lobby at the end of their shift. Well done again to our ‘fixers’.

We’ll be working on that on our roof, as well as ‘playing’ on our own weight equipment which we’ve bought as part of the personal touches to the apartment. The site provides the basics, but we want  quite a lot of our own stuff as well. Busy, busy…

…but not too busy I think to share some more fitness inspiration with you. Join the lads below, and enjoy!




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