More Maths

What gymnasts (above) do requires many hours of training. What so-called ‘fakirs’ do (and about which I wrote last time) just requires a bit of muscle in the right places and a knowledge of maths or physics.

As was clear from the correction I had to make to that post, maths may not be my strongest subject! However, it enables to put to bed the myth that guys (or indeed girls) who perform on beds of nails are doing something ‘extreme’.

Let’s say that on our full length bed of 765 nails, your body rests on (at most) one fifth of them. Your weight is then supported by 153 of them. Now I currently weigh approximately 154 lb (70 kilo) so that is, on average, one pound per nail. 454 grams per nail, if I am not mistaken. That is almost nothing in comparison with what your skin can take, with its amazing elasticity and resilience to puncture – and add a bit of muscle underneath it to ‘take the strain’, and you can see that anyone – you, yes you – can do that. Doesn’t even hurt – well, not very much: you just need to take care how you get on! And you can easily stand another person on top and still it’s only 2lb per nail (although it won’t be so evenly distributed, so a bit more where you are strongest (back and butt). Job done.

It’s just that it looks good in a show if you want to extend the length and cannot carry on indefinitely doing acrobatics!

No more trade secrets, now, except to add (rather obviously) that doing a bit of work on your muscles certainly helps – the one thing to be avoided is a nail directly on bone, so really skinny people, take care!

Meanwhile, in other news:

As the new ‘encampment’ is not up and running as yet, we’ve had quite a bit of time to ourselves. Obviously we’ve been working out on the first phase of the new equipment, and having a bit of fun with acrobatics, like these guys:

…well, that’s one of the ways Dave and I could spend our time together! Quite odd, actually, to have a weekend completely free, so we’ve been exploring in the company of a very sweet resident British couple that were curious about the building work and live just about a mile away. They’re a bit old for our sort of capers, but it has been extremely kind of them to show us where most of the Brits go to do this and that, shopping, and so forth… and they have a car, which we don’t as yet, so we offered to buy them Sunday lunch if they chose the place. They did – very successfully – not exactly the traditional Sunday roast that we trained Clare to do back in Tennessee, but close enough! And it’s good to know a few people outside of our immediate circle and interests. So thanks to Richard and Annie for that…

…thanks also to those that have bought my books so far. A royalty payment, finally, after a huge struggle to wring some money out of the publisher. There’ll be a different publisher for the next book. But meanwhile, you can keep us is tea and biscuits by joining those loyal blog readers who have returned the favour – just click on a cover or explore Amazon etc for e-versions! The books will certainly help in setting our ‘context’ without me having to explain everything over and over!

And now – some more male fitness inspiration for you, focussing entirely today on backs. Backs do not get the attention they deserve in terms of ‘coverage’ on the net… or maybe I mean ‘uncoverage’!

Training the recommended way – and sweaty with it:

Building the power:

…that’s the way to do it!! Result!!…

Handstand training…

Yep, the gym work does it!



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