‘Mostly Cloudy’ – Plenty of Silver Linings

The weather down here in the south-western corner of Europe is not exactly living up to the expectation of blue, cloudless skies that we had been ‘guaranteed’! Cloud, occasional drizzle – but pleasantly warm with it for working shirtless whereas in our home UK, it has actually been snowing this week. Where we’ve just come from (Tennessee) it is indeed wall-to-wall sunshine with a top temp for today of 28C (82F), as my son Leo is losing no time in reminding us by Skype!

Yeah… but we’ve got sea and sand!

Not all bad, really. And we won’t get the horrid summer humidity of central USA – although we shall have six weeks back over there in June and July.

Still much work preparing the first set of leisure facilities here at the vacation club . Moved a few resistance machines around to make better use of the gym space and make more room in the open-air section for working with free weights plus a matted area for – well, whatever people want to do – bodyweight exercises, stretching, even maybe wrestling…

…who knows? Maybe the wrestling will end up being on the sand (about three miles away)…

…or anywhere a convenient patch of grass offers itself…

But what we’re supposed to be doing is planning on how the punters will entertain themselves in the gym/sun and how we will entertain them in the evenings and occasionally at other times. Russian boys ike doing stuff on bars, which have yet to arrive… some of them just take of advantage of anything on offer…

That arena (where it is also obviously cloudy!!) is a huge square – ours is a simple stage with tiered rows of wooden planks covering tiered concrete in an arc looking down on the stage – far more ‘intimate’. Or at least it will be when finished. Currently, it is all about rigging trapezes and ropes and whatnot from the covered area above the ‘stage’ – which is currently just a slab of concrete – and organising a permanent covering suitable for all types of ‘act’ to which additional mats etc can be added for acrobatic and tumbling acts.

Need to think about flammability in case we get fire-jugglers… all fun stuff to do, especially as it is Russian money (mainly) and not ours we are spending. Oh, and there probably need to be poles…

Meanwhile, our ‘staff’, Alfredo and Seb (we prefer to think of them as friends, since they obviously want it that way despite us being almost twice their age) are doing very well in their first job, and are keen to get stuck into weight training themselves…

…which is good training for the “work”, because they will be supervising our two gyms most of their working days, which means a good understanding of the equipment anyway, and is more convincing if they look reasonably muscular themselves!

They’re pretty fit, but football and swimming doesn’t get you quite as ripped as that guy! Or these…

The owners’ representatives here are a little bit strange, we would say, but they are nearly all Russian or Eastern European and, I suspect, a little out of their depth themselves dealing with the Portuguese ways. And they seem to have left a lot of important decisions – our gym equipment being one example – until a very late stage and then finding themselves having to make decisions very quickly. To our advantage, as it has worked out so far, since we have virtually had ‘free reign’ over all our areas of ‘fitness’ responsibility… long may this continue!

The local bureaucracy can be formidable, especially if you don’t speak the language – we are hardly beyond the ‘obrigado’ stage, and Alf and Seb have ingratiated themselves with management by being so willing to interpret between English (sometimes mangled English) and Portuguese, so we’re all settling down reasonably well together. They are also being used as a conduit between ‘management’ and local builders who are working frantically to get Phase 1 ready for opening.

But enough of us and our doings. Let’s enjoy some more fitness inspiration:

Not sure what sport they are preparing for, but great examples of fit bodies!

Oh yes – for a good read on topics such as these… do try the following:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7



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2 Responses to ‘Mostly Cloudy’ – Plenty of Silver Linings

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Looking at the wrestlers wearing basically swimsuits and gym shoes–I never understood the combo. It just doesn’t seem appropriate. I remember from World History that Portugal has quite a history and its people are quite friendly. I hope things go well.

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