Fighting Talk

I think I mentioned before that the main sporting interests of our workplace ‘hobbits’ Alf and Seb are football, swimming, and ‘fighting’. It seems that they meet twice or three times a week with their mates – and several assorted girlfriends – to combine all three.

Dave and I were invited last evening to join them – quite flattering since we are about twice the age of the youngest ones! But I think that the boys were quite keen to ‘show us off’ or rather, now knowing our love for acrobatics, wrestling and ‘showbiz’ fakir stuff, to show us off. So we duly followed them down to an isolated spot in the dunes in our car, seemingly the local gathering place for the youth of the nearest village.

I’ll pass on the football. Not our thing at all. The ‘fighting’ seemed to be a mix of wrestling and bare-knuckle boxing with a bit of martial-arts kicking thrown in for good measure.

…with an element of gut-punching thrown in, often encouraged by the girls who also joined in from time to time. We don’t really approve of gut-punching challenges – various bodily stuff like the spleen are at risk, although you can do without a spleen apparently – but if the abs are properly prepared, the solar plexus beneath is probably tough enough to take it.

We had produced a bottle of oil for some Turkish style…

…but I doubt we’d do  that again because oil and sand don’t work well together and, even when you go in the sea to clean up, the oil keeps the sand sticking on…

We showed off a few balances like this…

…but were somewhat embarrassed by all the talk from Alf and Seb of our training with the nail beds, especially as we have just started encouraging them to work with us ready for setting up some shows – they can provide additional weight on us, and wield the sledgehammer to break the concrete blocks on our stomachs (they need a bit more muscle packed on before they can safely participate themselves). But their conversations with the local building workers about what is being planned for the shows quickly led to two pallets of building blocks being delivered to the newly-finished storeroom behind the arena stage by fork lift truck, having got ‘lost’ somewhere in the building operations! All ready for training! We’ve decided to make a more ‘intense’ bed (fewer nails) too, since we have always used one in shows back in TN.

The swimming was great…

…although a group of teenage girls we had only just met trying to duck two mid-thirties guys under the waves was a curious experience!

Bottom line is, our efforts to make Alfredo and Seb feel that they work with us rather than for us seems to be paying off handsomely – their willingness to integrate two ageing Brits with slight American accents into their circles and to involve us with their families just goes to show how kind and welcoming the Portuguese are. We’re starting to feel that we have really made the right decision to come here.

Fitting out of our first gym area is largely complete, although there is some snagging to be done: some of the lighting is not working and there is an air lock in the plumbing in the showers – but I guess these things always happen and will get sorted. Some of the more energetic ‘management’ came in for a session themselves yesterday – guys and ladies too – and seemed to approve. They certainly got stuck in, and I think we’ll be planning ‘staff sessions’ into the timetable eventually!

The outdoor ‘bars’ intended to please the young Russian lads who come here are not yet ready – the concrete in which the supports are set needs to ‘cure’ I understand – but when finished, I think that we can improve on this amazing setup…

Innovative, to say the least. Some Russian gyms seem very poorly equipped, but the lads pack on the muscle nonetheless!

..whilst other Russian gyms clearly benefit from large financial investments…

…and, in between, groups of lads determined to improve themselves get the essentials together, get sweaty in their underwear, and get themselves ripped…

Bottom line for us is: our ‘fighting boys’ are absolutely determined to get stick into their fitness training – working in a gym environment is certainly inspiring! – and they want to look good for the clients they’ll be supervising. They are also very keen on what we do  on the entertainment side, and will definitely be training with us ‘out of hours’, which is absolutely fine by us. I think that for all four of us it is called ‘falling on your feet’.

Let’s hope that my fourth book will also do that in due course. Meanwhile, here is the customary reminder of the first three, in which all of these fitness themes along with our gay love is fully exposed… feel free to click on the covers…

A few final fitness pix for today…


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1 Response to Fighting Talk

  1. Greg says:

    Teen wrestling and fighting are the ultimate expressions of manliness. Boys and teens need to be taught how to fight and wrestle. Tougher teens are needed. Instead, the politically correct society is making little girls out of our boys and young teens. Don’t suppress male aggressiveness and the tendency towards alpha male domination and supremacy.
    Besides, fighting and wrestling are a total testosterone rush.
    Fight on.

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