Friday Night with the Boys

Our new staff – and friends – Alfredo and Sebastien – may be ‘fighting boys’ like these…

…but they’re also desperate to build muscle (as those two should I think) so they can show off..

…(in front of their girls I suppose!) but also so that have ‘credibility’ when supervising in the gyms of the new “fit vacation” centre here on the Atlantic coast of Portugal. So when we suggested a private session after work last Friday, trying all the equipment and having a really heavy workout together, they readily agreed!

We also persuaded them to do it naked, as we like to do, if only to get used to the sight of nude people puffing away when the punters come into the gym during the ‘clothes optional’ sessions. So, four thorough showers later, we were ready to pitch in.

Now I don’t post ‘naked’ here (at least, very rarely and discreetly if only because Facebook doesn’t like it and these post get shared there). So you’ll have to put up with some gym pictures now where the guys are at least in trunks!

Not often you just get to see one muscle here…

After we had visited every station in the gym and added lots of free-weight exercise, we included a little stretching…

By this time all four of us were very hot and sweaty, so we decided to sample the adjacent sauna which had been ‘fired up’ for the first time for a test run…

After that, the ideal is the Russian-style cold plunge pool: unfortunately, like the one in this next picture, ours is not yet completed and therefore empty…

(Fun heap of lads, though!).

so the showers again beckoned, but then Dave, mischievously, suggested that the local lads should be initiated into the Russian skin treatment beloved of old Babushkas and, frankly, ourselves. This involves using ones own (and one’s friends’) bodily fluid rich in urea to nourish the skin…

Surprisingly, they were up for it, which meant going quickly back to apartment, laying out a plastic sheet on the roof terrace, and getting thoroughly wet, massaging the precious fluids into every part of the skin and then leaving ourselves to ‘soak’ for a while. During which some amount of wrestling was inevitable!

After that, we offered them our own shower to clean up, and then offered to feed them, but I think the girlfriends were ‘calling’ and we were left to ourselves to begin our weekend proper.

Dave, however, was immediately horny, which meant a trip back to the roof terrace, watching the sun set in the west and – as closely united as it is possible for two guys to get – rejoicing in our love which seems thankfully undiminished  after 17 years…

…and, after which, food and then bed…

The first three years of our love, and our athletic adventures through the same period, are chronicled here…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…and some have said that they are well worth the read. You can have paperback books or e-versions via Amazon. The links offer more information. You could help this blog go on by funding it through buying the collected works of Tony Cavanagh, which are about to be swelled by a fourth book!

As for the rest of the weekend, we simply spent it “being together, alone”. Time to spend entirely on ourselves has been a rare commodity over the year, and we are only just getting used to the fact that ‘days off’ means exactly  that. Our time to do our own thing. Which this weekend was sea swimming and lazing around in the sun. And why not?

Let me finish with a couple more ‘loving’ pictures.

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