A bit of this and that today. Starting with Egor Malyshev and his friend, gymnasts from Chelyabinsk, improving themselves in the weight room.

Our second weight room, on the ‘adult only’ side of the vacation complex here, is due to be ‘handed over’ formally from the builders tomorrow. This means that we shall be able to attack a second set of packing cases and start assembling resistance machines and unwrapping dumbbells all over again. With the experience of doing this already on the ‘family’ side, I think that we can be quite a bit more efficient.

Although we have to approach through what is still a rather muddy building site to get there (it does rain on the Algarve from time to time!)…

(That’s not here… somewhere in Russia I think. Same rain though…)

… it is good we can get on with this because, when we come from our final six weeks in the States (beginning at the end of the month) we shall be seeing the first paying guests on the ‘family’ side, managing their gym entertainment and putting on our first shows, which will be largely “us and the boys” to begin with. Oh, and rather conveniently, my son and Dave’s daughter as well, who are getting a surprise trip to Europe and can show off their skills as well. We shall also have some friends from UK here, thanks to Roger’s mysterious connections with the owners. So, much to look forward to.

Before the end of this month, we also have to complete (or at least supervise the completion!) of the rigging for the amphitheatre, including a lot of experiments with lighting and stage ‘fog’ in the evening, so that we are confident it will be available for full use as soon as we return. There are still some issues about who wil operate the technical side – more local recruitment is suggested – but Alf and Seb say they will do it to start with, for a little additional money. Good for them, but we actually could do with them backstage – and on-stage initially – to stage manage us! Roll on the other professionals we have started to book… but there will be two ‘acro/fakir’ shows a week, one for each ‘half’ of the site, basically down to us and any competent mates we can rope in. 70 minutes is quite hard to sustain with just two of us…

OK. Enough whinging. In ‘other news’…

We’ve been invited to the local lads (and lassies) ‘fighting’ again, last evening. It turns out that the beach they use, Praia da Manta Rota, is officially designated a gay beach at its western end in the dunes. Don’t think they realised that, although they tend to go to the other end. Got Dave and I thinking about what a ‘gay beach’ actually is, since any form of sexual expression in public is serious not on in Portugal, so the only difference can be two guys lying side by side with arms around one another, which can perfectly well happen on a ‘;straight’ beach if they are good friends… ahem. Well, it is still quite deserted at this time of year, so maybe we’ll find it out later. Not that Dave nor I actually want a ‘gay’ beach venue in any case, not least because our love is sworn to be entirely between ourselves (oh yes, and eight other guys back in Tennessee!). Unless a bit of this goes on on a gay beach, I suppose…

But in fact, we’re rather happy just with our own company, thank you very much!

Back in regard to the fighting, the girls get really excited when ‘their’ boy is getting the upper hand in what looks like a crazy mash-up of wrestling, boxing and MMA… and just like Roger’s wife Ellie in Colin’s wife Natasha (old school friends in Oxford), as related in my second book, it doesn’t seem to take much before a couple of the girls will be stripping off and ‘having a go’ at each other! Maybe we should encourage them to find a place away from the sand, and introduce the baby oil… there’s something about an oiled body…

…especially when he’s a wrestler and up close to you… and gently oiling you up before the contest… Stop. I’m getting all excited here. Back to ‘ordinary’ beach playtime, and no naughty thoughts (just mind where you clasp your hands!)…

Preparations for the publication of my fourth book, a simple novel about a sad gay boy, are in hand, but it looks like I  must lose the lyrics I quoted from West Side Story at the end. Seems I can get the rights for next to nothing but only if the publication is limited to UK – and that’s not sensible given that it is set in USA and will be distributed world wide via Amazon and the rest. So I’m a bit irritated about that, and need to re-write the ending. Oh well. It’s something you might eventually look forward to reading, I suppose…

Well, I hear you say… “At least he’s not promoting the first three like he does in almost every other post” Actually, I think I just did, kind of subliminally. C’mon, we need the money, guys. A ittle payback for the blog pix?

Some more, then.

And, to finish off today, all guys together. Training their bodies and sharing the fun. Well, apart from that damaged wrist. Just as it should be…

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