Never miss a training opportunity – even if you are waiting for a plane! That’s enthusiasm.

As we prepare for the opening of the new vacation complex here in the eastern Algarve, our local ‘staffers’ Alfredo and Seb have set us a problem. Engaged because of their obvious love of fitness, creating a good impression at interview, and demonstrated to us by their regular combat sessions in the dunes, they have now asked whether their friends can get to use the gyms here. As these facilities are intended only for the paying guests, we referred them to ‘management’.

It creates a problem because both gyms will be available 24/7 to guests and we will not want the gym so crowded that the guests cannot get to the equipment they wish to use. Predictably, ‘management’ aren’t happy, regarding the leisure facilities here – and indeed the whole place – as exclusive to guests. Equally, neither they, nor we, want Alf and Seb upset, most certainly not with Dave and I, if we have to work together. We’ve already agreed to have the boys work with us on shows, and to learn some of the ‘fakir’ stuff themselves – and they’re over the moon about that – and they can use the gyms themselves as ‘staff’ whenever they are off duty and there is space. It is just their mates (and their girls) that are the problem.

As there is no public gym facility in the district, this could be the first of several requests when local sports groups get to hear of us, as they surely will. Dave and I clearly have to support ‘management’, who are asking for our input. I think that we shall be suggesting that we could offer such people some kind of ‘special membership’, with access to the ‘family’-side gym maybe twice a week at times which are inconvenient for resident families – either during obvious mealtimes, or late at night. Alternatively, as Dave has just considered, maybe the site could sponsor a small set-up somewhere nearby that these friends – or indeed anyone – could use. Not resolved as yet, but ‘management’ have been encouraged [by us] to think of the extra income…

Bit of thinking to do for everyone involved…

Meanwhile, we shall continue to indulge in our own enthusiasms…

And one ‘enthusiasm’ I nearly forgot…



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2 Responses to Enthusiasm

  1. wayne moore says:

    Hey Tony, why not introduce the Portuguese lads and their friends to a more ‘Russian’ style of workouts, ie using the natural environment, street and park furniture, cheap building supplies like scaffolding, concrete blocks, etc. A well equiped gym is very nice but at the end of the day it all comes down to muscle versus gravity!

    • tonycavanagh says:

      That’s a great idea… we’re not short of scaffolding and concrete blocks here right now either. We’ll factor this idea in, for sure. It’s lads AND lassies, by the way – the girls enthusiasm for supporting their boyfriends in their fight meets extends to taking part!

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