The weather here in the Algarve has now reverted to expectations! Wall-to-wall sunshine up to the 80s (28C) during the day, and nights clear and starry with minimum temperature 17C (62F) – last night we slept under the stars on our roof terrace, albeit with a light duvet over us in the end! The great delight here, compared with Tennessee where similar temperatures are normal, is the lack of humidity and a wonderful light sea breeze on your skin. I think that we’ve made a good choice!

Blue skies then, for some…

…but perhaps not ‘blue skies’ for others. one of Alf and Seb’s local mates got fired from the site today. He was working in the catering department and was fired for basically ‘not working’. Skiving off, really. Absolutely not living up to the ‘expectations’ of the management. We’re just hoping that this doesn’t turn off Alf and Seb’s enthusiasm, for they are working their socks off, both with us in preparation for gym maintenance and supervision, and also with us in the ‘entertainments’ division, equipping the amphitheatre and learning some of the tricks of the ‘acrobatic fakir’ trade. We’ve introduced them to working on broken glass fairly successfully, after Dave and I ran through the repertoire of walking, lying, rolling, and walking on hands on the glass and having them smash a concrete block on us while lying in the glass. The bosses seem very enthusiastic about the sort of shows we can offer in our own right (as well as bringing in other professionals on contract in the future) and, on the basis of what they have seen, agreed to cover the cost of freighting out our cache of equipment from our place in Wales, which is now on its way. A Perspex ‘tank’ for being covered in glass and trampled on (my son Leo’s favourite ‘show-off’), a sword bed, and a ‘thinned-out’ bed of nails  in which one’s weight is supported on far fewer points than on our standard bed. we’re going to revise a trick where I balance on my hands on Dave’s feet while he lies on it, and then I jump across to his hands… needs a bit of rehearsal after a long lay-off!

So we’re expecting that stuff on Monday.

Meanwhile fitting out gym 2 continues, with all four of us working enthusiastically.

In ‘other expectations’, my publisher is expecting a re-write of the end of book 4 because getting rights to quote a lyric from ‘West Side Story’ in the finale is proving troublesome if the book is going to be distributed world-wide. Sorry Mr. Sondheim, that’s your beer money gone out the window…

We also ‘expect’ agreement early next week on a two-pronged solution to the local youth wanting access to the gyms. A lot of them will be employed here – servicing apartments, catering, etc… and they will enjoy rights outside of  peak hours as of right. In response to a suggestion from one of my readers, the possibility of the company sponsoring some ‘street furniture’ gym equipment nearby if a site can be found seems a real possibility, so we may well be seeing a bit of this before too long:

After all, mot of the money is coming out of Russia, the home of street workouts!

..whilst, for us, we also have the opportunity for beach workouts just a couple of miles away! Not to mention the on-site pools…

So much for our expectations, and those of our workmates here. Let’s move on to your expectations – a few more excellent male bodies illustrating the fitness regime we try to promote!

Now that’s ripped!!!




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