More Decisions

This well-developed Russian gymnast boy from Chelyabinsk reminds us of the life we’ve left behind in the USA – a life of wall-to-wall gymnastics coaching, ditched in favour of setting up and running fitness gyms and “sideshows” of acrobatics and fakir stuff in southern Europe. Do we miss it? Yes, we do. Is the new stuff and the location good, though? Absolutely!!

Let’s make boys/mens gymnastics today’s picture theme. We haven’t had a formal ‘picture theme’ on this blog for quite a while now…

At the end of this month, Dave and I will return to Tennessee for six weeks to fulfil (with our kids and their friends) commitments at summer camps, teaching acrobatics and getting the rest of American youth a bit fitter while weaned off their MacDonald’s burgers and other take-away crap. Then our kids will join us back in Portugal for two weeks to find out what we’re up to before they have to return to the States at the beginning of August when High School re-starts.

Question is… how much of the rest of our ‘stuff’ to transfer over here. Do we feel we can commit to this 100% and ship everything over? Should we keep a ‘presence’ in TN since we shall want to keep flying over to see the kids and our friends? Do the girls want our room in the house back? Should we move some of the stuff to our little ‘investment’ cottage in Wales instead of bringing it here to a relatively small apartment? Decisions, decisions…!

Another question: do we want to be any part of Trump’s America, given his increasingly scary style of “governance”? Our kid’s mothers are American and, I’m sure would never leave, but having started to get used to the relaxed, quiet and peaceful style of life in Portugal – and the “proper” food! – it would be hard for us to resolve to quit and return, although if we keep our work visas up to date and continue to file US tax returns, we could. Apart from our friends, with whom we are really close and intend to see as often as possible, we’re actually less concerned about our own kids since they are clearly going to be wanderers and unlikely to stay put in any part of the world for very long. Leo, for example, has often talked about all the places he wants to visit once he can actually afford to travel. He has rarely talked of a ‘job’ other than being a touring showman, but he’ll probably think better of that one day.

So: is our ‘eventual’ destiny, on the assumption that we shall not stay in Portugal forever, be back to our native UK and our bolt hole in Wales? That bolt hole is a ‘nice little earner’ at present, being fully booked for the whole summer/autumn season when family are not using it, and we’ve more or less had the barn gym dismantled as more salubrious places for the local youth to train have sprung up in the nearest towns, since we’re hardly ever there. It could even be used for farming again by the neighbours who, one time, described it to us as having the best sheep-handling equipment in the district… and that is all still in place.

OK. Enough. Let’s see what time will bring…

…maybe more time to write a book that is actually a best seller! In the meantime, try these:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

There’s a lot of our early days together in there, discovering our gay love, training as acrobats, having fun and sometimes not having fun…

…but now, on with the gymnasts and the gymnastics!

Two members of the UK Olympic boys from Rio there.

So, we’ve celebrated gymnastics. A great sport, and a great discipline for developing the body.

A finale: this is all about power in the shoulders, and flexibility. And endurance. Enjoy:


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